The Most Viral Clothing Piece of the Year Just Restocked

If you follow many French girls and other influencers on Instagram, you've probably noticed that they have a very special place in their hearts (and wardrobes) this season for one clothing piece in particular. And fittingly, it's by an already Insta-famous brand: Réalisation Par, and it's not one of the brand's pretty printed dresses (although those are probably all over your feed too). It's a silk leopard-print slip skirt that I, for one, ordered immediately when it was initially released earlier this spring.

The ultra-popular piece (coined The Naomi Skirt) has already been worn by plenty of It girls on repeat this season, especially French, British, and L.A. girls, which should be a good barometer of how cool it is. The skirt looks particularly perfect with sneakers, which is how most are choosing to style it for summer. (I think it'll continue to be a staple through fall with the help of a sweater or leather jacket.) In response to the demand, Réalisation Par just restocked the skirt today, but it looks like it's going to have to start making even more. It's already sold out again in all but one size. On the bright side, I hear that the brand has plans to release the skirt in more prints later this summer.

Keep scrolling to see who's wearing The Naomi Skirt and shop it for yourself at the end.


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