Leggings Are No Longer Basic, and These 9 Outfits Make Them Look Anything But

As a cozy girl at heart, I've always had leggings in my at-home wardrobe. But I can't deny that a piece of me has been quietly waiting for the day they became ultra trendy again so I could use some outfit inspiration to wear my leggings more regularly. Now while leggings have never exactly been out, they've been preferred in the loungewear sector and nowhere near "high-fashion." And while sure, I love wearing them to a workout class or under a baggy sweatshirt when I'm out running an errand, I'm ready to get more use out of them.

We've already compiled a roundup of the best legging looks from celebrities like Emily Ratajkowski and Hailey Bieber, but now we took to the fashion set on Instagram to find even more standout looks to copy. And trust me, the outfits below aren't the basic outfits you'd always expect with leggings. They're elevated, on-trend, and easy to wear. Have a scroll. You'll thank me later.

Blazer and Leggings Outfit



Seeing leather jackets with jeans is a common sight, but I think they look even better with leggings. And adding a tall pair of boots to the look? Perfection.

Athleisure Leggings Outfit



Pairing stirrup leggings with a cinched blazer is the best way to make the once-casual item become ultra luxe.

Go for the extra-cozy approach by your styling your leggings with a very oversize sweaterdress, and bring it up a notch with heeled mules.

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Leggings Outfit



A suit set is always a great idea, but how about we change things up from trousers with high-waisted leggings? Get a pair with added sheen to add texture and interest. 

Who says you can't make it to that party and be comfortable? Plus, it's French-girl approved.

If you haven't noticed, blazers pair pretty well with leggings in the fashion world. This time, stray away from neutrals with a saturated pair of leggings for a fun touch.

Baseball Hat and Leggings Outfit



Take the fashion risk, and layer cropped leggings under a miniskirt. If you don't trust me, trust Tory Burch, as she presented the look in her S/S 23 collection.

Leopard Jacket Leggings Outfit



Leggings and thigh-high leather boots make for a cool yet effortless combination.

Cozy Leggings Outfit



I know I said there are no basic looks in this roundup, but when in doubt, keep it simple. And if Princess Diana approved of this look, we can't really say no.