5 Outfits I Always Wear When I'm Feeling Lazy

Welcome to Weekday Wardrobe, a series in which one Who What Wear editor or staffer will snap a pic of the outfits they wear from Monday to Friday. We'll break down where you can shop it all to inspire your own everyday style, no matter what's on your weekly agenda. 

I'm going to warn you upfront: There are a lot of Chelsea-boots outfits in this story. I'm honestly surprised my chunky oxfords didn't make more appearances because, between the two, I hardly wear any other shoe style outside of the summer months. There are many who will assert the false notion that California doesn't have seasons, but I'm here to tell you that once October hits, there is a certain je ne sais quoi to California's crisp air that you know if you're from here. It's unmistakable, and when it comes, so do my tried-and-true outfits. I love layering mock necks, turtlenecks, and sweaters, whether they have sleeves or not, and tucking them into high-waisted jeans and skirts of all lengths. Then I reach for my Chelseas or oxfords, and my outfit is set. I hardly need to accessorize, especially if I'm feeling lazy, and because I'm in L.A., the layers keep me cozy throughout the day. But I assure you, add an on-trend workwear jacket or leather trench to any of these outfits, and you're set for all sorts of weather.


Layering a sweater over a ribbed mock-neck tee and tucking it all into a pair of relaxed jeans is just the thing I need to look polished on a Monday while still feeling cozy and comfortable as I work from home. The key is finding fitted knits that seamlessly tuck into your waistline without bunching. You may remember me swearing off heels for the foreseeable future, but that was July, and as the months have worn on, I've realized an easy pair of heeled boots can really transform going out for a sidewalk glass of wine with my sweetheart. And sometimes, that's just how we need to ease ourselves into the workweek.


On particularly jam-packed days of editing, writing, and meetings, I have to throw on an outfit that makes me take myself more seriously. This black midi skirt always gets me in the right headspace; I put it on and suddenly I'm in the zone and don't really leave my dining-room-desk situation until the tsunami is over. It especially works when I tuck in a ribbed-knit turtleneck and pull my hair into a high pony, creating an illusion of a long neck I really love. It's just two pieces that you can throw on without thinking and immediately look and feel good. Finishing with chunky metal earrings and a pair of Chelsea boots for dog walks and grocery-store runs will help you feel like you're doing more than just running errands, too.


My absolute go-to look any day of the week: sweater, rigid blue denim, and Chelsea boots. Make it of-the-moment with a collared sweater, but always know that this outfit will be here for you when you need it most. I always wear my grandmother's gold rings, but any little touch of gold jewelry will take this look up a notch.


Do I look a bit like a British schoolgirl? Yes, and you could say it's a style I covet in the fall and winter months. I really love doing a partial tuck of this boxy mock-neck top into a miniskirt and sealing it all up with sheer tights and chunky oxfords. Clipping half my hair back with a barrette really finishes the look for me, and I love the irregular pearls on this one. This outfit looks great with an oversize wool workwear jacket, and—hot tip for next spring—it also looks super cute with a pair of white canvas sneakers sans tights.


When the end of the week rolls around, I just want to reach for my classic black skinny jeans and an easy top and call it a day. I love these short-sleeve fuzzy cardigans that elevate a denim look with seriously no effort. I could tuck it in or leave it out; layer another sweater or shacket on top; button it all the way or open it up a bit—you get the point: This outfit is easy and versatile, and you're going to look fresh and cute even if you wore your Chelsea boots every day that week.