My First Zara Purchase of the Year Was These Delightful Shoes

I'm not exactly sure what's going on with me, but I've recently gotten very picky about what I buy from Zara. There was a time when I'd throw caution to the wind, fill my cart with whatever caught my eye, and just return whatever pieces didn't work out. Apparently, my Zara shopping strategy has evolved and my new strategy is to practice restraint and only buy what I'll actually wear more than once. 

My strategy must be working because I've only made one Zara purchase in 2018 thus far: a pair of shoes that I couldn't pass up. Despite featuring a number of current trends in one shoe, they're magically wearable for a variety of occasions. The kitten-heel pumps are made of lavender leather (the reigning It color) and feature a sculptural heel and a pointed toe. (It doesn't get more spring 2018 than that.) As soon as I saw that the shoes were starting to sell out last week, I decided they were worthy of being my first Zara purchase of the year. I can't wait to wear them with denim, other pastel colors, cool socks, white dresses, and more.

I'm so proud of my purchase, I'm here to share it with you. Feel free to copy me by shopping them below. And just for fun, I included a few other Zara shoes that I'm currently considering as well.