9 Reasons Lauren Conrad Is the Queen of Halloween

We're just going to say it: Lauren Conrad is the celebrity queen of Halloween. You might think it's Heidi Klum, with her extravagant annual costume party, or Kim Kardashian, with her unwavering dedication to continuing to come up with creative ways to wear a skin-tight leotard. But no. It's Lauren Conrad. And we have nine very good reasons why.

Conrad is as dedicated to Halloween as she is to making every aspect of her life as chic as possible—and her dedicated goes all the way back to her childhood. She always makes her own costume, and it usually turns out obscenely well. This year, we've learned, Conrad is going as a mermaid. Not the most original idea on the planet, but the way she put it together (which you can check out on her blog) really takes it to the next level.

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