No Matter Your Budget, Here's How You Can Support Latin-Owned Brands

This post was originally published at an earlier date. Since our support for the Latinx community is forever, we thought we'd update this story and any sold-out products to make it easier to support the cause.

Ask any editor at Who What Wear what one of their favorite parts of their job is, and they will tell you it is supporting and championing brands of kinds—both big and small. With that said, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, I am beyond excited to present you with the ultimate Latin-owned brands shopping guide. By no means is this a comprehensive list of all the amazing Latin brands you could be supporting—these are simply a few of the ones that stood out to me the most and that I personally will be shopping from. 

The good news about this shopping roundup is that it features products at a variety of price points (starting at just $48). So, no matter what your budget is, there is a way that you can support these brands with whatever means you have. Featuring both well-known names like Carolina Herrera and smaller brands such as Sabrina Ol, go on to read up on the 24 Latin-owned brands that should definitely be on your radar this month and beyond. 

1. Mozhdeh Matin

Utilizing materials that are native to Peru, Mozhdeh Matin is constantly pushing the innovation of traditional materials, techniques, and local artisans to both preserve the history of Peru and create stunning products. 

2. Escvdo

Escvdo is a Peruvian brand that cherishes the country's traditions by working with weavers to reclaim traditional Peruvian techniques. The garments are made and sourced locally, and the quality of each and every piece proves it. 

3. Selva Negra

What do you get when two design students in New York with a Latina heritage become friends? Selva Negra. This trendy yet approachable brand is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in every way possible while maintaining comfort and versatility along the way. 

4. Agua by Agua Bendita

Agua by Agua Bendita is a Colombian brand that boldly presents its heritage through design, print, and silhouette. Although the brand is more commonly known for its swimwear, we are particularly loving the ready-to-wear selection this season. 

5. Barragán

Designer and CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund nominee Victor Barragán uses his designs to exude the vibrant life that Mexico City has to offer, with an emphasis on the youth, strong colors, and loud prints. If you're obsessing over these pants as much as I am, then you're in for a real treat when you see all the other must-have pieces that are currently available. 

6. Lapima

With pieces handcrafted in Brazil by local expert artisans, Lapima's founders, Gisela and Gustavo Assis, aim to provide eyewear that is fun, vintage inspired, and, honestly, pretty unforgettable. 

7. Simonett

Simonett is basically all the trendy yet unique (and affordable) clothing you dream about all in one place. Born in Venezuela, Simonette Pereira has made it her priority to be a fully transparent brand in terms of sustainability and supply chain. Did she become every major influencer's favorite brand along the way? Yes, yes she did.  

8. Montunas

Montunas handbags are the kind of bags that will grant you dozens of compliments throughout every wear and that will never go out of style thanks to their unique yet classic shapes. Designer Elke Ruge took advantage of her roots from both Costa Rica and London and used them to inform the designs of some of the most Instagram-worthy bags, period. 

9. Collectiva Concepcion

Completely founded in Mexican design, Collectiva is dedicated to giving back to Mexico by employing Indigenous artisans in over 40 rural communities. Including pretty blouses and elevated basics, this brand is one you will buy, wear, and then buy more of. I can guarantee that. 

10. Sabrina Ol

Mexican designer Sabrina Olivera's designs have been keeping everyone on their toes. From loud prints to inspiring imagery, this brand is definitely one worth splurging on. Additionally, proceeds from her latest collection will be donated to Red Nacional de Refugios A.C., which means you know your money is going to something greater than just a cool pair of pants. 

11. Ayni

If you're looking for eye-catching knitwear, look no further than Ayni. Peruvian designers Adriana Cachay and Laerke Skyum have mastered the art of striking yet subdued silhouettes, and it would be a mistake not to add at least one stunning piece to your cart. 

12. Martha Calvo

Martha Calvo should be your new destination for trendy and affordable jewelry. The Miamis-born founder launched her namesake label in 2006 and has since gained a cult following that includes celebrities. Drawing inspiration from her heritage, her hometown, and her travels, the collections often feature hand-painted baroque pearls, quirky beads, and mismatched elements. 

13. Gauge81

"Classics with a twist" is my favorite way to describe fan-favorite Colombian brand Gauge81. Between the off-center buttons and kitschy reworking, this brand will have you rethinking everything you think you once appreciated about basics and tailoring. 

14. La Gotta

Founder Valeria del Rey, born and raised in Puerto Rico, took her love of the ocean and channeled it into a successful swimsuit brand. But this is not just any normal swimsuit brand. La Gotta uses SPF 50+ fabrics to protect your skin further than just the sun protection you put on your skin. 

15. Jonne Amaya

Jewelry designer Jonne Amaya was born in Mexico and is currently living in Los Angeles, where she is truly creating magic. She considers herself more of a "personal jeweler," as she designs more for the individual rather than in bulk. From new, one-of-a-kind pieces to repurposing those family heirlooms you don't know what to do with, Jonne Amaya has got you covered. 

16. Maygel Coronel

Don't click into Maygel Coronel's site if you don't want to leave with five new swimsuits in your cart. Hands down, these suits are some of the most stunning I've seen in a while. Having grown up on the Caribbean coast, the Colombian designer uses her designs to celebrate women, their bodies, and their personalities. 

17. Luiny 

Designer Luiny Rivera is a Puerto Rico native now living in New York. Her pieces are wearable, conversational, and—considering how expensive they look—actually pretty affordable. If you're looking to add a new fun piece of jewelry to your collection, click into her site and go wild. 

18. Silvia Tcherassi

Silvia Tcherassi quickly became a favorite brand among fashion girls everywhere thanks to its festive nod to Colombian culture, Instagram-friendly colors, and statement-making silhouettes. 

19. Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera is a name that likely sounds quite familiar to you. Known for her stunning eveningwear and classic designs, if you're looking to invest in something truly timeless, make it something from this beloved Venezuelan designer. 

20. Sensi Studio

Sensi Studio is ethically made in Ecuador, offering bags, hats, resortwear, and more. 

21. Grl Collective

Grl Collective is a Latina-founded lifestyle brand that is constantly giving back with its proceeds. From profits that fund girls' education in India (The Sambhali Trust) to products that directly donate to the Black Lives Matter movement, this brand will have you looking cute and feeling even better about where your money is going. 

22. Johanna Ortiz

Colombian designer Johanna Ortiz designs pieces that will make you feel like you're on vacation no matter where you are. Be it a frilly swimsuit or a jaw-dropping gown, this brand is one we are constantly seeing worn and loved by fashion lovers across the globe.