I Moved to New York, and Now I Wear These 6 Winter Things


Edward Berthelot/Christian Vierig, Getty Images

Winter is coming, and as I’ve touched on in the past, I’ve learned since moving that this takes on a completely different meaning from coast to coast. To backtrack for a moment, after making the move to New York from my lifelong home of L.A. almost two years ago, my wardrobe has done a 180 of sorts, and much to my surprise, 90% of that has been for the purposes of functionality. Think: seeking comfort in footwear to adjust to more walking, carrying a tote to work that goes straight into the night, reducing my overall possessions to adjust to a smaller closet, and, of course, winter.

Now that we’re back on the topic of NYC’s most polarizing season, the biggest effect it’s had on my life (aside from greatly reducing my total annual sun exposure) has in fact been via additions to my wardrobe. It’s crazy to think that there are items I wear almost daily between the months of December and February now that I never even owned before moving. To find out what they are, read about them, and of course, shop my picks for each, simply continue on.