I Moved to New York, and Now I Wear These 6 Winter Things


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Winter is coming, and as I’ve touched on in the past, I’ve learned since moving that this takes on a completely different meaning from coast to coast. To backtrack for a moment, after making the move to New York from my lifelong home of L.A. almost two years ago, my wardrobe has done a 180 of sorts, and much to my surprise, 90% of that has been for the purposes of functionality. Think: seeking comfort in footwear to adjust to more walking, carrying a tote to work that goes straight into the night, reducing my overall possessions to adjust to a smaller closet, and, of course, winter.

Now that we’re back on the topic of NYC’s most polarizing season, the biggest effect it’s had on my life (aside from greatly reducing my total annual sun exposure) has in fact been via additions to my wardrobe. It’s crazy to think that there are items I wear almost daily between the months of December and February now that I never even owned before moving. To find out what they are, read about them, and of course, shop my picks for each, simply continue on.

1. Puffer Jackets

It took me probably over a month of freezing my you-know-what off until I finally gave into the fact that puffer jackets are simply the warmest option out there. Luckily, I’ve also been able to find a handful of brands that make styles I actually want to wear.

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2. Winter Boots

Who knew that not all ankle boots are not created equal? Sure, I’ve dealt with rain before, but when you’re walking through snow (in freezing temperatures) for days at a time, it takes a certain kind of boots to not only keep you warm and from falling but also not get ruined with one wear.

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3. Uniqlo Heattech

When the temperature drops below, say, 20, it’s pretty much a given that I’ll have Uniqlo’s ultra-thin but extremely warm Heattech long sleeves, tights, leggings (and more) on underneath all my other layers at all times. I’ve yet to find anything as effective, affordable, and incognito.

Shop Uniqlo Heattech:

4. Beanies

As someone whose default hairstyle is a blowout, I think these might be my least favorite essentials on the list. Unfortunately, though, when you need to keep your head and ears from feeling like they’re about to freeze off your body, there’s no cooler-looking or more effective option than a beanie.

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5. Gloves

If, like me, you can walk down the street for more than two minutes without pulling out your cell phone to text, make a call, check Instagram, or send an email, then gloves are an absolute must in the winter. They’re also important if you’re wearing a jacket without pockets. Since I’m prone to losing them, I like to buy mostly affordable pairs and look for either fingerless or tech-compatible ones so that you can use your phone without taking them off.

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6. Cashmere Sweaters

I used to think all sweaters were created equal—until I experienced the feeling of a gust of wind going up your back with nothing but cotton to protect you. That’s why, in the winter, I stick to cashmere as my sweater layering material of choice. It keeps you warm, comes in countless styles, and can be found at all price points these days.

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Since starting as an intern back in 2013, Nicole Akhtarzad Eshaghpour has held several roles here at Who What Wear, and she is currently Editor-at-Large. It was a less expected route, seeing as she was graduating from business school at USC when this all began, but it has turned out to be the best one for her. Fast-forward to 2024, and she's moved to NYC from her hometown of Beverly Hills and spends her workdays a little differently from when she was an intern starting out. Currently, she focuses on a weekly mélange of shopping content. As far as her personal style goes, she's largely drawn to classic pieces and neutral basics but will always make an exception for something colorful, printed, or bejeweled as long as it's deemed worthy enough. After all, the only thing she loves more than a good party is dressing up for one. On weekdays, she can usually be found at home eating something delicious for dinner and trying to force her husband to watch Summer House.