Trust Me—This Is Fall's #1 Dress Trend

Do you ever come across an item, whether in a store, on Instagram, or on the street, and once you’ve noticed it, you can’t stop seeing it everywhere? As you could have probably guessed, such is the case with the topic of today’s post: the long-sleeve knit dress trend for fall, spearheaded by the one and only Jacquemus and championed by all your favorite bloggers, influencers, street style stars, and, of course, retailers. It’s everywhere, and while I’m usually skeptical of fads that spread in this wildfire-like fashion, I’m actually quite into this one—for several reasons.

There’s, of course, a sensibility to the frock. It’s comfortable, very streamlined, and pretty much impossible to style poorly. It’s also very sleek-looking, lengthening, and thus flattering to the figure. Then there’s my favorite thing about the trend: the accessibility. Yes, the $500 to $700 Jacquemus versions are amazing and totally worth the investment if that’s something you can budget for, but if not, there are countless other options with the same appeal. To see just what I mean, simply continue for the photos trend in action (aka your outfit inspiration), to shop the Jacquemus versions, and then, of course, to shop even more amazing long, knit dresses for fall.