It's Here: The Official Cover for Kim Kardashian's Book of Selfies

Remember back in August, when Kim Kardashian made the whole world join together in a collective sigh by announcing she would release an entire book of her own selfies, which she had titled Selfish? Well, she shared the cover of the book today, and as you might have expected, it's a giant selfie of the reality-turned-fashion star.

As Kardashian explained in August, the book will comprise 352 pages of previously unseen selfies the star took. The cover image, we presume, is one of the said unreleased selfies Kardashian has taken throughout her social media-fuelled career. In the photo, Kim wears a nude bra, a full face of makeup, wet hair, and has a towel wrapped around her waist. She looks like she perhaps snapped the pic after a shower or a day at the spa.

As a friendly reminder, Kardashian's Selfish will cost you a modest $20, and it comes out in May of this year.

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