Kim Kardashian on Where to Find the Best Lighting for Selfies

In honor of her 35th birthday today, Kim Kardashian shared 35 things she learned before turning 35. While the entire list is worth a quick read, number 26 really caught our attention: The queen of selfies revealed where she finds the best lighting for taking photos of herself. And since experts agree good lighting is the key to taking a great photo, we had to share this tip.

According to the star, “Airplane bathrooms have great lighting for selfies.” Surprised? Us, too! So the next time you’re waiting in line for the restroom midflight, you can thank Kim (lol), because you know we’re all about to test out this lighting situation the next time we travel.

Scroll down to see Kim’s latest airplane bathroom selfie, and be sure to head to her official site to check out the other 34 lessons she’s learned!