Here's Kim Kardashian's #1 Rule for What NOT To Do on Instagram

We'd be willing to bet that if you asked the average person on the street to name the celebrity who's most famous on Instagram, a good 90% of them would say the same person: Kim Kardashian. The star is currently at 31 million followers, is publishing a book of selfies, and is a bona fide social media master.

As such, when she speaks her mind on the unwritten rules of Instagram, we listen. We just uncovered this Kardashian wisdom gem from an interview she did at a tech conference near the end of last year: Her #1 rule for what not to do on Instagram. (h/t to Yahoo!)

"In the same setting, I try not to post more than three pictures," she said at the conference. "It oversaturates my feed."

Regarding this three-image limit, we actually think Kardashian is on to something; we can't be the only ones who get slightly annoyed when someone on our feed posts endless photos from the same event. It can't be that much fun—plus, you're missing all the good stuff if you're on your phone so much!

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