Here's What a $1,200 Cotton Hoodie Looks Like

Kim Kardashian's casual day outfits sometimes give the impression that they're super chill—and not that expensive. But on a little outing to Anastacia Beverly Hills, her go-to eyebrow guru, Kardashian proved us all wrong by stepping out in a Haider Ackermann cotton hoodie that retails for $1,234 (h/t to Lucky for ID'ing her look).

That's right: A hoodie that costs more than $1,200. A quick glimpse at the product's description on My Theresa reveals that counter to our intuitions, the hoodie is not crafted from or lined with 100 percent gold; rather, the garment is constructed entirely of cotton. Why the price tag? Ackermann's edgy designs typically go for high sticker prices—like this bomber jacket for more than $2,000.

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