Kendall Jenner's New York Trip Just Solidified This as the #1 Pant Trend

There are two Kendall Jenners, sartorially speaking: Kendall Jenner in New York and Kendall Jenner in L.A. and everywhere else. Both Kendalls are supremely stylish, but New York Kendall is especially chic and sophisticated. It's very apparent that she's gone for a tailored look every time she's visited the Big Apple recently, opting for pieces from designers like The Row and Frankie Shop. If you're looking for some chic back-to-business outfit ideas, she's your girl.

Now for an observation: Jenner was in New York last weekend, and almost every outfit she wore included a pair of baggy pleated trousers. No jeans, no dresses—just trousers. In particular, we've seen khaki pants in this style experience a major resurgence as of late, and Jenner clearly approves, given the look she wore by The Row around the city. And as far as shoes go, the only pairs Jenner seemed to pack were strappy heels and loafers, so take note.

Read on to see how Jenner styled her loose pleated pants in NYC, and shop a few of our favorite pairs.


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On Kendall Jenner: The Row Big Sisea Shirt ($752), Wesler T-Shirt ($320), Phoebe Pants ($1690), '90s Bag ($990), and belt; By Far shoes


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(Image credit: Backgrid)

On Kendall Jenner: TheOpen Product Soft Stitch Cardigan ($199); Style Addict Nicholas Pants ($113); The Row Half Moon Bag ($1290)


(Image credit: JosiahW/Backgrid)

On Kendall Jenner: Style Addict Nicholas Pants ($113); The Row belt and Half Moon Bag ($1290); Bottega Veneta Stretch Leather Sandals ($890)

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