Katie Holmes's "Plain" Outfit Is Giving Me an Excuse to Wear Jeans

Full disclosure: I'm writing this while wearing sweatpants, a sherpa pullover, and compression socks, but Katie Holmes is inspiring me to go change my outfit, even at 6:00 p.m. on a cold and gloomy Tuesday. I love jeans and wear them often, but not as often as in years past, since I stay home so much more this year, for obvious reasons. That said, I'm always open to denim outfit inspiration, which Katie Holmes just provided me with.

There is nothing groundbreaking about this outfit that Holmes wore while out walking in New York last week. It's easy and comfortable and we all own our own version of it—a sweater, jeans, and loafers. It's an outfit I've worn many, many times, and this particular version of it is making me want to go out and buy a fair isle sweater (hers is Chloé and it's perfect). On that note, keep scrolling to shop the outfit that may inspire you to take a break from sweatpants, as well as some of my favorite fair isle sweaters at the moment (that are much easier on the wallet). 

Katie Holmes simple outfit idea


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