Katie Holmes Wore the Timeless, Affordable Brand Fashion Girls Love

If it's not comfortable or versatile, I'm not buying it. Now more than ever, I'm looking for easy-to-wear clothes that will last a long time—and that pretty much defines Patagonia. The brand has been around for over four decades, designing practical clothes that always serve a purpose. (Look elsewhere for pretty ruffled pieces.) Of course, athletes and hikers have always known this, but fashion girls, including Katie Holmes, are definitely catching on.

Photographed in New York City running errands, Holmes wore Patagonia's Better Sweater Quarter-Zip Performance Jacket ($99), which has rave reviews at Nordstrom. Completing her cozy look were sweatpants and sneakers—true wardrobe staples. Scroll down to see how Katie Holmes wears Patagonia and shop my favorite pieces from the brand. 



On Katie Holmes: Patagonia Better Sweater Quarter-Zip Performance Jacket ($99)

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