What Versed Founder Katherine Power Would Buy From Her Own Brand

Welcome to What I Buy From My Own Brand—a special series spotlighting our favorite female CEOs and beauty bosses. Here, they'll provide context regarding what they look for and value while shopping for top-notch beauty products in addition to providing a list of favorite formulas they'd personally purchase from their own brand. Up next, Katherine Power, CEO + Founder of Who What Wear and Versed. Enjoy! 

There's nothing more exciting for us than taking a peek into the beauty bags or daily regimens of some of the most influential women within the beauty and fashion industry. From Cassandra Grey to Linda Wells to Shiona Turini to April Gargiulo, we want to know every secret, every ritual, and every product female beauty bosses swear by. Steeped in all things beauty and fashion, these women know a thing or two about a game-changing (or -ending) product, so what they choose to use from their own brand—and others—becomes all the more intriguing.

So we decided to ask our very own Who What Wear and Versed CEO and founder, Katherine Power, which products she uses on the reg from her own brand and what the process and criteria are when she's choosing what she will or won't use while shopping other brands.

"I usually go by word of mouth," she explained to us.  "If someone I know does a lot of research on products and has chosen to buy it, or if someone I know has great skin and they're seeing a difference and real results, then I'm instantly curious about what they're using.

"I also trust Who What Wear's beauty editors, so I'll easily buy anything they write about or recommend. Packaging is very important to me and might inspire me to make a purchase, but I don't want to feel like all of my money is going into what a product looks like. I'd rather know that it's going into the formula."

For Power's daily skincare regimen and five-minute makeup routine, we recommend heading over to her Instagram and IGTV channel, but to find out which six products from Versed she truly can't live without (we made her choose!), keep scrolling! 

"Wash It Out is my daily, morning, go-to cleanser. I keep it in my shower, and because it’s a very generous size, it’s great for sharing. It's a gel cleanser, and I love that it leaves my skin clean but not tight. It’s the perfect cleanser no matter what your skin is going through."

"I love this serum for the results, meaning I can actually see them. It evens out the texture of my skin, makes it smoother, and creates a healthy glow. I use it every morning after cleansing and before moisturizing. I apply about two drops to my face, pat it lightly into my skin, and let it dry for a few minutes before moving along to the rest of my routine."

"This cleansing balm is special because it’s such an experience. Even just the smell and the ritual of using it creates a spa-like and unique feel. I use it on days I wear more makeup because it takes everything off with practically zero effort. It's also my go-to when my skin is feeling drier or like it needs an extra dose of hydration. It's gentle, it doesn't strip my skin, and it's easy to use."

"This is my favorite nighttime product. It's an overnight peel that I use every night, and because it's so gentle, I can still use it with zero irritation. I just wash my face (occasionally I'll use the Brightening Serum underneath it) and apply a generous amount before leaving it on for the night. The results are amazing, and I wake up with improved texture and smoothness, and my dull skin looks instantly brighter. 

"For me, it has kind of a retinol effect—because my skin is sensitive and easily prone to redness or irritation, I actually find Versed's peel to be better for my moody skin. The best part? It doesn't dry out my skin. In fact, unlike so many other peels, it actually feels like I'm moisturizing my complexion while also getting all the exfoliating benefits of lactic and glycolic acid."

"I use our Photos, Please Brightening Tightening Mask once a month for a quick boost. It makes my skin feel smoother, more even in texture, and brighter. I love our whole brightening line."

"The Find Clarity Purifying Mask leaves skin feeling cleaner and tighter. I put it on my T-zone when I'm looking to minimize my pores.

"In general, the overnight peel, the brightening serum, and the masks all create a visible difference in my skin. I can see the results, and I see a difference in my skin. The results are what keeps me coming back all over again."

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