I Hand-Pick Thousands of Beauty Products for Work—Here's What I'd Buy With $145

As the loyal Who Who Wear reader that you are, you're likely already well-versed on how much we love (and shop!) Revolve's covetable fashion offerings. But, as you may or may not have noticed, the retailer also has a pretty badass beauty department that's chock-full of products and brands that make even our nitpicky beauty editors (ahem, me) go ham with shopping fever. Even more exciting? As of today, Revolve will now carry our clean, affordably priced sister skincare line Versed

To help celebrate the launch (and to get your beauty shopping juices flowing), we asked Revolve's beauty buyer, Kandice Hansen, to share what beauty products (including Versed and non-Versed products) she'd purchase with $150. You're curious, right? After all, it's in her job description to sift through and hand-select all the best beauty picks to reside on Revolve's website, so Hansen knows a thing or two about choosing an epic beauty product.

Then, just because I love shopping (and feel I have some helpful knowledge as product obsessive beauty editor), I've gone ahead and played the game, sharing the six products I'd use within the same $150 budget bandwidth. Ahead, 12 game-changing beauty products a Revolve beauty buyer and Who What Wear beauty editor would purchase this second from Revolve. Keep scrolling—your glowing summer skin awaits.

Kandice's picks:

"I'm a vitamin C STAN—I've noticed such a difference in my skin's brightness, evenness, and texture since adding it into my routine. I love that this is in a powder form, which helps maintain the potency while allowing you to mix it with the products you already love in your current regimen."

"Washing my face is my favorite part of the da,y and I'm completely obsessed with this cleanser for both morning and night. It's gentle and effective, and it leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed without that tight feeling. It's basically the perfect cleanser."

"This will change your life! I've gotten so many friends and colleagues hooked on this product. It gives the perfect lightweight coverage, a little goes a long way so it lasts for months, and every time I wear this, I get so many compliments on my glow."

"This is a cult favorite for two reasons: It's super gentle on your lashes and gives the perfect natural curl. Use it alone or with use it before your mascara. It's worth the investment."

"GAME CHANGER. This is one of those hero products that you can count on for instant results when your skin is misbehaving. I love the travel-friendly packaging and how clean the ingredients are. It's a must-have for those mornings after a little too much fun."

"I firmly believe that there are few things better than a full glass of water and good face mist to get you through the mid-day slump. I love this rosewater, I keep it on my desk for whenever I need a pick me up."

And some beauty editor picks…

I'm a self-proclaimed eye cream junkie, and it takes a lot to impress me at this point. (I have over 27 formulas sitting at home, after all!) That said, this brightening formula from Versed has truly knocked my perpetually skeptical socks off. It has an all-star roster of ingredients complete with niacinamide, ginseng root extract, and vitamin C for brightening in addition to wrinkle erasers like caffeine. I'm more dependent on it than my morning cup of coffee. 

Speaking of beauty product obsessions—lip treatments. I'm obsessed with lip treatments! This slick baby tube is actually a lip oil and is my newest obsession. (Bye, balms and glosses!) Not only is it the most adorably packaged tube I own, but it's also filled to the gills with clean, hydrating, and conditioning assets like vitamin E and a sleek AF blend of camelia, jojoba, sesame, and sunflower oils. 

With the coming of summer also comes the arrival of ingrown hair season. I'm currently in the process of getting my bikini area completely lasered (read all about it here!), and this chic little bottle from Fur has been my saving grace in between my appointments. 

I go through Beautyblenders ridiculously fast, so this sunny new shade now available on Revolve is a no-brainer. (Nothing will make your foundation look as flawless!)

When it comes to face creams and moisturizers, my skin can't handle anything overly rich or oil-laden. (It's prone to breakouts and claustrophobia.) Thus, it's no surprise this dewy gel-cream hybrid is one of my A+ faves from Versed. It has everything you want from a moisturizer, like soothing, hydrating fares à la hyaluronic acid, green tea, and aloe, and nothing you don't. (Check out the ingredients you'll never find in Versed products, here.)

Onomie flies under the radar in the beauty realm, but its skincare and makeup hybrids are so dang good. The creamy lip and cheek sticks are all my all-time favorite and an essential summer packing item. 

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