Every Single Look Kate Middleton Wore in Poland and Germany

And that's a wrap: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have concluded their whirlwind five-day tour of Poland and Germany. One of the highlights of the tour, of course, was their adorable travel partners, Princess Charlotte and Prince George, but Kate Middleton's outfits definitely stole the show. From affordable sneakers to a beautiful Alexander McQueen dress, Middleton turned heads in each and every outfit.

On Wednesday afternoon, for example, she wore a beautiful blue Catherine Walker coat. As it turns out, there's actually a hidden meaning behind her color choice, as The Telegraph first reported. The newspaper explains the significance: "Berlin Blue, or Prussian Blue, is a pigment that was first developed in Berlin in the early 18th Century, and became the lead color for the Prussian Army and for other German military uniforms up until the First World War when gray became the staple."

Plus, there's even a second possible meaning behind the hue. Middleton's coat could also be interpreted as cornflower blue, paying homage to one of the country's official national flowers, per The Telegraph. Who would have known?  Scroll down to see every single look from the royal family's tour of Poland and Germany.

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Opening Image: Getty Images