All the Style Lessons Kate Bosworth Has Taught Us

Some celebs switch up their style in major ways from one season to the next. We appreciate that adventurous spirit, of course, but often, one of the signs of a curated wardrobe is consistency. And when your outfits are as routinely chic as Kate Bosworth's, well, it garners some attention. Okay, a lot of attention.

Bosworth never strays too far from her sleek aesthetic. She favors unique silhouettes over elaborate embellishments, and she usually keeps her accessories a bit more pared back to let her statement pieces shine. The results are balanced and modern, and they never make it feel like she's trying too hard. Perhaps that's why we find ourselves wondering how to re-create these ensembles for ourselves time and again.

Ahead we've broken down some of the tips culled from her most impressive recent looks.