It's Nearly Cancer Season—16 Nail Colors to Tap Into Your Emotional Side

When July rolls around, that can only mean one thing: Cancer season. Cancers were born anywhere from June 21 to July 22, but the month of July is truly their time to shine. There’s no better time to tap into your emotional side, as this water sign is known for being sensitive, intuitive, and empathetic.

If you want to embrace Cancer season in all of its glory, try channeling your emotions through your nails. I’ve rounded up the best July nail colors that embody all things from the Cancer zodiac sign. That means silver or gray, seafoam green, shades of blue, and white. Picture any nail color that might be woven into a crashing wave.


Silver is associated with the moon and spiritual connections, making it the ideal color for sensitive Cancers. It symbolizes tranquility and mysticism. 

This polish is a true chrome and looks reflective on fingertips. 

Try this blue-leaning silver with flecks of sparkle for nails that look like they could double as jewelry.

If you'd rather forgo the sparkle factor, this light grey is perfect for adding the spirit of silver to your hands. 

With just a touch of shimmer, this polish is an ideal understated take on the color.

Seafoam Green

Seafoam-green tones symbolize luck, health, and starting over fresh. They particularly resonate with Cancers, a cardinal water sign. 



If you're a fan of pastel nails, this green-cream color is showstopping. 

This dusty take on the color is hyper-wearable. 

Pistachio tones are understated but look unique on nails. 

Oceanic Blue

Blue is another (perhaps more approachable) way to infuse oceanic vibes into your nails. This color signifies calm and serenity—two things we wouldn't mind having at our fingertips. 

Cornflower blue is always a good polish choice. 

This denim blue is unexpected, and that's what makes it so fun. 

Capture the nearly white color of foamy waves with this baby blue. 

When in doubt, you can't go wrong with a true cobalt. 


White is another color that's closely tied to the moon. This color represents a clean slate and purity. 



If you're looking for a true paper white, this nail polish fits the bill.

This milky polish looks good on everyone. 

Off-white nail polish is a sophisticated take on the color that will never run the risk of looking like you put Wite-Out on your nails. 

For an extra dose of glamour, go for a shimmery shade that looks sugar-sweet.