Your July Horoscope Is Here—How's Your Summer Looking?

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Welcome to July, everyone! Cancer season has arrived, and so has the beginning of summer. This month, our focus turns to the way we nurture ourselves, our home life, family matters, and #selfcare. July can be an incredible month for you to take inventory of the way you slow down, take care of yourself, and take care of the people you love. This can be a tall order, as we all live incredibly busy lives, but Cancerian energy definitely champions being nurturing and accountable to the people in our lives, as well as ourselves. July can be an excellent month to rest up, get extra sleep, head to the beach or hang near a natural body of water (depending on where you live), or just pamper yourself a little more than usual. If you have kids, creating space to have some quality time is absolutely encouraged. The new moon in the middle of the month will be a nice respite space, as well as a new beginning reset button if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or unable to make time for yourself. Take this month one step at a time and enjoy the energy that Cancer season brings.

A focus on productivity, self-worth, and money color your month, Aries. Take care of your finances, and they will take excellent care of you. Not many see that inner self-worth and monetary earnings go hand in hand, but be open to the concept this month. The more you respect yourself, the higher your market value will be. Get some books on women and money, budgeting, or anything else that fascinates you about finances. You’ll be happy you did all the way to the bank.

Communicate and open up this month, Taurus. If there is something that’s been on your mind, now is a great time to express yourself with grace and diplomacy, especially if you want to bring a solution to a challenging topic. You are especially charming and busy as ever this month, so enjoy the ride of July. Social outings are encouraged.

Hunker down in your home space this month, Gemini. It will feel good to do that closet overhaul that you’ve been planning for months but haven’t made time to do yet. Getting a little extra sleep or making a trip to the spa are also encouraged to soak up the Cancerian energy available to us. Enjoy time near water or simply take a bath or two, as you’ll need the recharge for the busy month that awaits you when the sun moves into Leo.

Happy Birthday, Cancer! Focus on getting stuff done and your health and work balance this month. You may feel more readily available for tasks that present themselves or something at work that has felt like a looming assignment for quite some time. Any time dedicated to your health, vitality, and inner well-being is time well spent, and revitalization is just around the corner. Get out in nature if need be, and enjoy your solar return!

Try working on a big project this month with a partner or someone you trust to bounce ideas off of. Venus, the goddess of love, beauty, and the arts, is cruising through your sign this month, bringing an extra dose of beautiful energy to your relationships. Following your hunches on working through problems and listening to your intuition are all championed for you this month. 

Balancing between yourself and someone else may feel a little tricky this month, Virgo, and you may find that you want to spend some time alone recharging your batteries. Sensuality is a cornerstone of your month, and if you’ve been feeling a little distant from your partner, try some new intimacy tactics or see a sex therapist. If you’re single, take care to pleasure yourself and be choosy about who you spend time with this month.

Take some space to do your thing this month, Libra. Try a new meditation course, dream journaling, or personal wellness routine. July colors all modes of self-care and self-exploration for you. Be open to receiving a tarot or astrology reading if you’d like a little extra insight from an outside source. Be sure to choose a practitioner who you can trust.

Getting outside of your comfort zone and/or long-distance travel color your month, Scorpio. Whether it’s taking a new class, trying a teacher training, or heading off to somewhere you’ve never been before, you will feel revitalized by opening up your mind and getting into a totally new headspace. No time for travel or training? Open up a good book and give social media a rest for a day or two.

Set new goals around work and visualize how far your career can go, Sagittarius. There is so much power in writing things down, and you are especially magnetic this month. Get out a pen and paper and get yourself excited about the possibilities to come. There’s magic in writing down your goals and intentions.

Capricorn, a major theme for you this month is centering yourself and getting clear with meditation or the mystical. I may sound like a broken record, but bust out your meditation pillow or try the Headspace app. If you need a little guidance on how to clear your mind and release yourself from anxiety, meditation and yoga can be excellent tools for you to truly accomplish your worldly goals because you’ll feel centered and fulfilled once you get to the top of that proverbial mountain.

Be yourself this month, Aquarius, which is never really a hard thing for you to do anyway. Opportunities and fresh starts are magnetized to you as you step out and get stuff done this month. You may feel extra inspired to put a move on any tasks or plans you’ve had. Take some time for self-care, but also get yourself ready for a dynamic and adventurous month. Enjoy yourself.

Productivity, self-empowerment, and fresh vibes all color your month, Pisces. You may feel an internal prompting to get your to-do list accomplished this month and/or pay close attention to your finances. Ask for what you’re worth in work and freelance opportunities, as the more you value what you do (employed or entrepreneur), the more everyone else will too.

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