Your November Horoscope Is Here—and It's Too Good to Skip

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Scorpio season! One of the most powerful and dynamic times of the year. Scorpio is an incredibly fascinating and versatile energy. According to astrology, Scorpios embody many of the qualities of both a water sign and a fire sign. With the sun moving through Scorpio, we like to get to the deeper truth of things—superficiality won’t do. We are perhaps more in tune and psychic than at other times of the year, as Scorpio is an incredibly mystical and intelligent sign. The best way to attune yourself this month is to be authentic to your true nature, your own self-empowerment. Anything that feels off probably is. Meditating or setting aside time to listen to yourself is great for Scorpio season.

Read on to see what the cosmos has to say for your unique sign this month!

Aries, you are at your most powerful this month! Career is highlighted for you, and you will be focused on goals and accomplishments you want to produce in the world. What are you building? How do you feel in your current occupation? Is there something deeper calling to you, or are you fulfilled where you are? You will be recognized a lot this month, so get ready to be in the spotlight in some regard.

Life vision and friendship are up for you this month, Taurus. What are you creating? What gets you excited about your future? Who are the most important people around you? This transit has as much to do with what you are daydreaming about now and where you are heading. Make sure the people around you are inspiring you and bringing you up if you have big dreams.

Gemini, this is meant to be a bit of a spiritual month for you. Have you been meditating or going to yoga class lately? What about getting enough rest? As a Gemini, you definitely need moments to slow down, visualize, and get grounded, or you can feel easily anxious. Take some moments this month to get deep and chill out. You will feel really good in doing so.

Cancer, this is a month for you to really step out and be boldly you. I always like to suggest some sort of closet overhaul or reinventing your look with this transit to match your newfound energy and power. Where can you step out and be a leader in some way? What part of your life is asking you to be innovative or unique? Action steps are what it’s all about for you this month, Cancer, even if you are not sure of the first step to take!

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Personal productivity, self-worth, and money are all highlighted for you this month. What do you desire when it comes to your finances? Is saving, budgeting, or a big spend involved? Is there something deeper to learn or a project waiting to be put into motion? The north node of the moon is journeying through your sign, and this beckons you to really listen to what you desire in all parts of your life.

Small-town adventures, sociability, and lightness of being color your month, Virgo. This is a fun month to explore new parts of your city or try something new locally. You’ll have the desire to be out and about and explore ideas and conversations with friends and acquaintances. So the question is where will you go first?

Okay, Libra. It’s time to slow down and spend a little more time nesting and resting in your home sector this month. Upgrading your bedding, taking some nice baths, or just all-around self-nurturing is called for in November. If you feel you’re too busy to do this, then you need it more than ever! If anything, spend a little more time in bed each morning and wake up slowly. Be good to yourself this month.

Happy birthday, Scorpio! This is a month of fun, celebration, romance, and creative energy for you. How would you like to celebrate your birthday? I always like to suggest taking a look back on your year and seeing the beauty and the challenge it brought. A birthday (or solar return) is a time of celebrating, honoring yourself for simply existing. Enjoy yourself!

Hi, Sagittarius. Balancing work and health are at the forefront for you this month. You perhaps have been feeling a yearning to slow it down a little bit and pay attention to yourself! This is also a good month to let go of any unproductive habits that get in the way of your ultimate well-being. 

Capricorn, this is a great month for you to focus on relationships and your role within them. How can you evolve your approach to relationships? Which relationships hold the most weight in your life right now? This can be both intimate and professional. This transit is all about accepting loving energy and balanced partnerships into your life or nurturing good relationships.

This is your month of personal transformation and letting go of the past, Aquarius. Who you used to be is not who you are meant to be. This transit is all about accepting your personal power and really claiming your right to be happy and magnificent. What old ideas are best to let go of? Take self-improvement courses or align yourself with people who empower you.

Okay, Pisces. Is it time to pack your bag and head somewhere new and amazing? Your transit this month highlights getting out of your comfort zone, travel, and/or learning something unique and totally new. If there’s a language you’ve been wanting to study or a course you’ve been wanting to try, this is the time. Also, spending time near water, like a lake or an ocean, could really revitalize your energy right now.

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