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Happy 2018, everyone! We start the year off with quite the bang, as many planets circulate through responsibility-oriented Capricorn and a massively powerful manifestation occurs between Mars and Jupiter back in Scorpio. In keeping with the vibe of New Year’s resolutions and fresh beginnings, I have a feeling that to start out 2018, no BS resolutions will do. Starting the year off with what truly feels aligned for you will be incredibly important, and it may even feel easier to stick to new, more health-centric and vibrant routines than you’ve ever experienced before. With the sun moving through Capricorn, we feel a deep sense of commitment to ourselves, and with a powerful conjunction to Venus (planet of love and money), we will definitely want our resolutions to be fueled by self-love and the desire to progress.

Read on to see what the cosmos have to say about your unique sign to start off the year!

Start out the year dispelling all your bad habits, Aries. You know, the stuff that keeps you cycling through the same things you don’t really like anymore. You will be very empowered this month to do what you know is best for yourself, and that is an incredible way to begin the year. Get into a healthy routine, meditate in the morning, or start seeing a therapist. These are all ways to show yourself that you care and that you always have your own back.

Adventure colors your month, Taurus, and traveling or learning something new is at the forefront. Start out the year discovering something new about the world that is outside your daily reality. If you’ve been feeling the itch to travel, then buy the ticket. Anything that gets you out of your comfort zone or into the energy of expanding your own mind will feel important and invigorating for you this month.

Focusing on your career and reputation is a great way to start off the year, Gemini. This month, concentrate on the practicality of your goals and start the year off in a powerful way with your workflow—it will feel amazing. It may feel easiest for you to power your resolutions with ideas for how you’d like to move into the year. Write everything down and keep track of your progress this month.

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Get daydreaming this month, Cancer, and speculate on your visions for not only your year ahead but also your future at large. Whatever inspires or excites you is important to pay attention to now. Unlike your Cancerian nature to perhaps bundle up indoors for the winter, your month is colored with sociability, friendly outings, and perhaps even powerful opportunities that make their way to you via your network. Stick to the groups of friends and acquaintances that feel the most aligned with your values and dreams.

It’s an excellent month to nest and get clear, Leo. You begin the year with the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate, especially after a hectic holiday season. Get into a simple meditation routine or daily journaling of some kind. This is a perfect time to prepare yourself for the year ahead and to make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. I promise you will be happy to slow down a bit this month!

New beginnings and the energy of reinventing yourself are up for you this month, Virgo, which is a great way to begin the year. Personal endeavors or anything that favors you being a leader will be highlighted for you this month. I always like to suggest an overhaul of your look in some capacity or simply trying something new in the way that you project yourself out to the world. You will exude a confidence this month almost automatically.

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A focus on money and productivity is a great way to begin your year, Libra. You may feel inspired to save extra money or get budgeting this month. How do you truly want to start off the year regarding your finances? A nice blend of pampering yourself this month mixed in with some productivity will have you feeling balanced and ready to take on 2018.

Exploration colors your month, Scorpio, and anything that inspires you or helps you feel expressive in some way is highlighted. You may feel motivated to explore new parts of your city, try something new entirely, or explore new relationships. Your energy for starting off the year is lighthearted and curious. Making phone calls or writing emails to people you haven’t spoken to for a while could feel nice.

You begin the year a little more insular, Sagittarius. Spending a bit more time at home or resting will be important for you in terms of how to begin your 2018. Extra sleep, meditation, self-care, spa dates, massages… You get the picture. Anything that helps you slow down and start the year off with intention will be important for you in January.

Happy birthday, Capricorn! January is a month for you to start the year off on a lighthearted foot and celebrate what we in astrology call your “solar return.” You may feel invigorated and inspired within the realm of creativity, romance, and all-around just having fun this month. I know you like to work and be productive, so just be sure to bring the good vibes into all your productivity this month. Enjoy, Capricorn!

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You begin the year off in a work-centric energy, Aquarius. Productivity and balance will feel important to you as you move into 2018. I suggest balancing out your workflow with also paying attention to your health, so keep that in mind as you’re creating your intentions for the year.

Relationships and balance are at the forefront as you begin your year, Pisces. Consider the place you hold in all your most important relationships: How can you show up as your best self, and do you require the people in your life to treat you with love and mutual respect? These can be good themes to explore, as relationships will be a big theme for you moving into 2018.

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