29 Things to Buy at Zara, According to Your Zodiac Sign

Zodiac Sign Shopping



How do you decide what to buy? (Besides reading Who What Wear, of course.) Perhaps you purchase something out of necessity, maybe it's celebrity-inspired, or it might be because of sheer FOMO. But have you ever tried shopping based on your zodiac sign? After reaching out to a slew of fashion girls and getting their smart, stylish, and well-articulated zodiac-based fall picks from Zara, I'm fully convinced that it's a worthwhile pursuit. (In case you're curious, you're reading words written by a Libra—moi—who already got her fall wardrobe sorted by an astrologer.)

I got brilliant answers from a Taurus based in Copenhagen, a Scorpio in New York City, a Sagittarius in Madrid, a Cancer in Miami, and a Gemini in Los Angeles—and that's just the tip of the iceberg. These stylish ladies might not share the same sign, but they share a knack for being well-dressed and having good eyes for style. Scroll down to see what 12 women of each sign would buy from reader-favorite Zara right now. 


Best New Zara Items



"Aries are natural-born leaders, and this bright-red blazer screams girl-boss vibes. I love that it makes a statement the second you walk in a room and that it can be taken from the boardroom to happy hour to holiday party because an Aries girl wants to do it all." — Kristina Zias

"'These boots are made for walking and that's just what they'll do.' Impatient, speedy, and competitive, these boots were meant for an Aries babe ready to take action!" — Kristina Zias


Zara Shopping By Zodiac Sign - Taurus Shopping



"For Taureans like myself, autumn and the change of seasons are all about the balance between comfortable at-home entertaining without falling into a total rut in the cozies. A wool sweater is a go-to. This one is a great version in warm earth tones." — Amelia Hoy

"A wrap skirt is a low-key downplayed classic that is both no-fuss and perfect with boots and heavy coats for the autumnal homebody that still likes to look expensive." — Amelia Hoy

"This wrap/kimono/lounge robe is perfect for staying warm and looking luxurious. Pleasing my Taurean vibes with rich earth tones while still looking chic." — Amelia Hoy


Zara Fall Shopping Picks by Zodiac Sign - Gemini Style



"Being a Gemini, I like to keep my social schedule filled, which means the majority of my closet is focused on clothes I can wear to dinners and events. These heels make for the ideal fall shoe that I can wear from day to night, and I'm very much into the deep-burgundy leather." — Michelle Scanga

"In true Gemini fashion, I always rotate my denim selection depending on my mood. For the office, I'd style these with a fitted sleeveless turtleneck, and for a night out, I'd wear them with some sort of long-sleeve slightly cropped top." — Michelle Scanga


"I'm a very shielded person; there's a reason why my zodiac sign, Cancer, is represented by a crab with a hard shell to protect and guard it from the world, which is exactly why I always gravitate towards tulle. It adds a touch of softness to my personality." — Danié G.

"I like pieces that allow me to express my creative Cancerian self, like this jumpsuit. It’s a beige canvas waiting to be accessorized, layered, or even painted on." — Danié G.

"I am extremely receptive of people's emotions. When I enter a room, I can tell if there's tension or not. I can read people quite easily, and it can be sometimes overwhelming, which is why I gravitate towards elements of power that make me feel safe, like my braid or this beautiful and shiny golden belt." — Danié G.


"Leather Bermudas? Not really for the one who likes to stand in the corner and not be noticed. Luckily for a Leo, that is really not the case. I sometimes feel embarrassed about how peacocking my clothing is. But then I take a step back and see that I have exactly nothing to be embarrassed about and that my leather Bermudas are awesome." — Fanny Ekstrand

"I have since I was a child always loved anything that sparkles. My mom used to tell me when I was younger that one can't wear exactly everything one loves at the same time. So like the true little rebel I am, I have spent my sartorial life proving her wrong. She now agrees with me. Kind of Leo." — Fanny Ekstrand

"I guess these boots are the typical Leo choice? Tiger and all. We Leos like to keep company with other animals with humor, and these boots sure look like they can show you a good time, no?" — Fanny Ekstrand


"Fringe is back in fashion this season! I'm in love with this coat from Zara, as it's stylish and easy to wear. Don't be afraid to go one or two sizes up to wear it as an oversize coat. I'm a Virgo, and I'll style it with jeans, a chunky sweater, and cowboy boots." — Renata Jazdzyk

"I love wearing big comfy cardigans during the autumn/winter season. My wardrobe is full of them. This one from Zara is currently on my wish list because of the oversize puffy sleeves and fun animal patterns! Layer it with a turtleneck top and a white shirt, and you will be ready to brace even the coldest weather!" — Renata Jazdzyk


Zara Shopping - Best New Items October 2019



"As a Libra, balance plays a big part in my style. If I want to play with something more exotic, like a sequin pant, I love pairing it back to something soft like a beautiful sweater. I want the pants to make a statement but not be overwhelming." — Logan Russell

"The Libra in me loves a well-balanced black-and-white print, and this one is perfect. It easily pairs back to a wide range of accessories, shoes, and outerwear for layering. Plus, the dress itself is fun and flirty with a flattering shape that will suit a range of body types. Libras are known for being mediators, so it makes sense that I would like something that a variety of people would enjoy." — Logan Russell


Scorpio Shopping - Best New Zara Items for Fall 2019



"When I think about outfits that epitomize my own personal style, I'm so honored to feel like my personal style reflects my identity as a Scorpio. One of my closest friends in the world is astrologer Colin Bedell of @queercosmos, and he's encouraged me to embrace both my power and my vulnerability as a Scorpio. I'm a better person for it, and it's given me the confidence to rock power jumpsuits and feminine dresses in equal measure." — Catherine Smith

"I have and love this dress, which I feel perfectly reflects feminine confidence. I love adding a belt at the waist."  — Catherine Smith

"I love the strong lines of this jumpsuit—it's my version of a power suit—and the touch of whimsy from the belt."  — Catherine Smith


Sofia Paramio Style - Favorite Zara Shopping Picks



"Sometimes people say Sagittarius people are not very diplomatic, even a bit unreliable. Isn't that crazy? But I have the solution: Get the perfect office look and leave them speechless. Go for this pinstripe blazer and defeat clichés!" — Sofía Paramio Delgado

"Blue is Sagittarius's color, so this top is clearly the perfect option. Do you want another reason to choose it? Girl, fire is our element. Flaunt your sexy shoulder while wearing it and heat your mood up!" — Sofía Paramio Delgado

"Freedom is the best of privileges: It always leads to unknown and incredible roads and for us, Sagittarius, even more! We are so curious that we never stop exploring. No day ends the same! We need clothes that come along the way with us. These trousers will be your allies no matter if you are drinking coffee or your third margarita. Cheers!" — Sofía Paramio Delgado


Capricorn Shopping - Zodiac Style



"Capricorns are known to be ambitious and strong-willed, and nothing says that more than a statement-making sleek red dress, right?" — Sara Tan Christensen

"Capricorns are also super practical and hardworking, so an easy (but stylish) jumpsuit like this that I can put on without thinking too much about is perfect!" — Sara Tan Christensen


Best Zara Items for Fall


Sarah Yang

"Aquarians are known for being 'detached' emotionally, and I can be guilty of that sometimes. Even though I have my extroverted social moments, I do enjoy my introverted, no-one-talk-to-me times, too. This cozy, oversize cashmere sweater will be able to handle both—I can wear it when I want to hibernate at home solo and when I venture out for fall outings with friends." — Sarah Yang

"Maybe it's my Aquarius nature (read: a bit eccentric), but I've always been a print person: florals, animal, stripes, polka dots, I'll do it all. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited that leopard print is still all over the place. I have quite a few animal prints in my closet that I have on rotation, but to update the mix, I'm very into these slingbacks, which I can wear to just about anything (work, cocktails, brunch, whatever!)." — Sarah Yang  


Zodiac Sign Shopping - Pisces


Madison Rae

"As a Pisces, being so go-with-the-flow means that we need to be prepared for anything. Nothing says prepared like a leopard-print dress that can take you from day to night with a switch of the shoes." — Madison Rae

"As one of the most emotional signs, what's more emotional than purchasing something so timeless that you just might have it forever?" — Madison Rae

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