Your Zodiac Sign Wants You to Try This Shoe Trend


(Image credit: Diego/Collage Vintage)

With so many shoe trends to try every season, we’re always thinking of new ways to narrow down the selection for those who aren’t looking to add multiple pairs to their wardrobe every month. On that note, today we’re looking to the cosmos to take a more personal approach to what trend might be worth investing in for you. With the help of our resident astrologer, Natalia Benson, we broke down which of-the-moment shoe trends pair best with each zodiac sign, based on the sign’s inherent traits. So whether you’re an always-on-the-go Aries or a statement-making Scorpio, we've got something for you. Read Natalia’s breakdown by sign and shop each sign’s pick below.


"Aries would prefer something comfortable and don't often choose fashion over function."

Shop our dad sneaker pick:


“The Venus-ruled Taurus LOVES something strappy and effortlessly beautiful. Think very trendy ladylike heels.” 

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“Gemini often prefer comfort and function that meets with style. Being an air sign, a Gemini needs to be light on their feet.”

Shop our loafer pick:


“Cancers are synonymous with comfort. As a cardinal water sign, they are always in motion but then prefer a good long rest. Anything comfortable or easy to slip on and off is a must.” 

Shop our slipper pick:


“Leos love flair and being the center of attention, so being slightly extra with their style is not a problem for this fire sign.” 

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“Virgos are about aesthetic and functionality. These pragmatic but meticulous earth signs need to feel good and look good too.” 

Shop our low structural heel pick:


“Venus-ruled Libras have a very feminine yet androgynous quality to them. Because they are the scales of the zodiac, they can play to both qualities in their fashion preferences.” 

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“Mysterious and powerful Scorpio energy prefers statement-making pieces. From heels to the latest sneaker trend, anything is a go with a Scorpio so long as it’s fashion.” 

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“A Sagittarius often loves the energy of other cultures and all things unique and foreign to their everyday. This can totally play a part in their aesthetic, preferring to go against trends and do their own thing, especially if it’s inspired by a different culture or time.” 

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“The hardest workers in the zodiac are known to be the Capricorns. Anything regal or representative of status is often a must for them. Designer wears and the latest and greatest trends are up to their exacting standards.”

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“Aquarians are known to be totally unique, vibing to their own style and idea of what’s in and setting the trends themselves. Their style would be most likely unique—something that is totally their own.” 

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“Pisces are often extremely creative and imaginative with their fashion choices being at the forefront of what’s cool. As a water sign, their intuition leads their style preferences.” 

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