Zodiac Pendant Necklaces Have Become a Fashion-Crowd Staple

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I can talk about fashion all day—what I think the biggest trend will be for the upcoming season, my thoughts on the It item that will go out of style faster than it came in—and as a fashion editor, I like to consider myself an expert on the subject. It may come as no surprise to you that I'm also a Scorpio, which apparently means that I also love to talk about my zodiac sign. I'm obviously no astrologer, but I sure did pour over my monthly horoscope from my favorite magazines in the early 2000s, and I still get my astrological predictions in my inbox every morning.

What can I say? My horoscope has had a major impact on me, and I'm proud of my sign. I love the idea of flaunting my Scorpio identity with a personalized investment piece, like a zodiac pendant from the beautiful Medallion collection that Roberto Coin just launched. If that's also your vibe, here's my admittedly unauthorized (but perhaps accurate) take on the pendant designed for your star sign.


As the first sign in the zodiac, some might say that our Aries friends are often bold in their outfit choices. Wear this medallion alone, or go all in and layer it up with other statement necklaces.


Taurus is known as an earth sign, which I personally like to interpret as your style always remaining grounded. Investing in wear-on-repeat classic jewelry is very much your jam, so let this pendant be part of your everyday look whether it's worn under the collar of a button-down or over a classic turtleneck sweater.


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Geminis are an air sign and are generally known for their fun personality traits—and I like to think their fun style to boot. Style your pendant with a buzzy pair of earrings or maybe even a trending mismatched pair.


Word on the street is that Cancers find delight in getting dressed up, so your outfit and accessory game is likely always on point. Wear this pendant on a night out, and play up the sparkle with additional elevated diamond moments like a pair of studs.


I like to think that Leos really make their presence felt, and what better way to tell everyone your sign than by wearing it around your neck? Style it over a turtleneck to really make a statement.


After all the horoscope reading I've done, I get the feeling that as a grounded earth sign, Virgos are all about the classics. Let your pendant remain a mainstay in your wardrobe whether you style it with a casual look or a dressed-up one.


The Libra sign is clearly all about balance. If you're looking for a classic pendant that feels like a staple among your trendiest pieces, that's when this pendant comes to play.


Consider me biased, but anytime I have a chance to show off the beautiful Scorpio zodiac sign, I'll take it. I'll be wearing this to pop with all of the head-to-toe black outfits I have lined up for the season.


All of my fiery Sagittarius friends are the life of the party, and they know their style is the center of attention wherever they go. Let this pendant necklace add sparkle to your look and act as your conversational piece.


Since a Capricorn's birthday rolls around at the same time as the holidays, this pendant would make a great gift for the Capricorns in your life.


As the sign that kicks off the start of a new year, I have a feeling you like to take the lead in trends. Style this pendant with your favorite jewelry trend du jour. 


They say one of the best qualities of a Pisces is creativity, which probably makes getting dressed a fun adventure for you. This pendant could be the anchor of your look this season, along with the bright camp jewelry you most likely haven't taken off since the summer.

Nayiri Mampourian
Senior Fashion Editor, Branded Content

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