Your 2018 Horoscope Is Here—It's Going to Be an Interesting Year


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The New Year promises to be a very powerful and dynamic one! Much of the message of the cosmos speaks to the slow, steady build and patience with your (and everyone else’s) process. The true node of the moon is moving its way through heart-centric Leo, advising us to listen to what we truly desire and how we actually feel about life itself. Second to that, Jupiter cruises through watery, sensuous Scorpio as another sign to listen to what we actually want, not just what we think we want.

Action and responsibility to our calling or to living our best lives will feel difficult to ignore in 2018. Per usual—and in keeping with the start of a fantastic year—it’s important to take good care of ourselves physically and spiritually. Working in yoga classes, meditating daily, and balancing out the hectic pace of existence with taking care of ourselves on a deeper level will be incredibly important for staying centered and facing life head-on. Inner connectivity and spiritual awareness will be big themes this year. Read on to see what the cosmos has to say about your unique sign this year.

Relationships, communication, and higher learning are all massive themes for you this year, Aries. You are being called to evolve your attitudes and beliefs around whatever hasn’t worked for you in the past regarding partnerships of all kinds. Look back and see all the growth you’ve made in this area and where there is still room for improvement. Expressing yourself this year will feel paramount to your inner peace, so make sure to develop avenues that feel authentic, where you can truly be yourself. Sensuality, self-expression, and full-blown authenticity are your buzz phrases this year.

Taurus, 2018 promises to be a year of balance for you. You may feel a pull to be both completely domestic as well as take the world by storm with your career trajectory. Letting go of habits that disempower you is also a major theme. Your year will feel like a nice balance between self-nurturance and at times running yourself wild with busyness. The key will be to keep your awareness intact so as not go too far into hermit mode or work-addict mode. This could be a great year for marriage or solidifying a major partnership of some kind. You’ll be busy, so keep your habits healthful.

Learning and growth—especially around the areas of life vision, friendships, and what makes you truly happy—will be up for you this year, Gemini. This may be a year where you really want to spread your wings and expand your mind in some way, beyond what has felt comfortable before. If you don’t know how to do something and would like to know how to do it, take a class, ask the questions, travel, etc. Relationships that make your heart happy and support your well-being will be extremely important to you this year. Any relationship that feels like a sense of home is a yes for you.

Balancing work and play, going for the gold with your career, and diving into the spiritual are all major themes for you this year. Whatever has felt daunting or just beyond your reach may feel easier to obtain this year for the Cancers than it has in the past. Key concept: Let go of your past. Reach beyond what you’ve thought is possible before. Meditation and balance will be important so you can visualize exactly where it is you’d like to go. Know yourself and your worth so you know the right questions to ask when the offers start to come in.

Authenticity, wholehearted relationships, and going for the #goals are your themes this year, Leo. What are you biggest dreams? What/who makes your heart beat fast when you think about them? The north node cruises through your sign this year, really asking you, the queen of the zodiac, to be true to your heart’s yearnings and to go for what you actually want. Self-reinvention and new beginnings are major ley lines that will color the power of your year. Balancing work, family, desires, and responsibilities with your own hopes and dreams is a must.

Self-worth is directly tied to money, Virgo, as I’m sure you know, but it will be a big theme for your 2018. The cosmos are asking you to get a little more spiritually in tune this year, so any time you can muster outside of building your empire to meditate or relate to yourself will be extremely important and perhaps even handsomely rewarded. Making sure that your home affairs are in order, getting plenty of sleep, and taking care of your most precious relationships will also be big themes to pay attention to in 2018. You could make a major move or decide to get really solid or move in with a partner.

A busy year ahead for the Libras. Ever heard the proverb that to know thyself is to know the universe? Big themes for you will be self-care, self-invention, and sticking to your guns despite resistance from people in your life; when you know something is right for you, you just know! Travel and learning what you don’t understand will feel exciting for you this year; movement and trying new things will exhilarate you and lead you to meeting incredible new people. Express your heart in all your dealings and your relationships will flourish as much as you feel good within yourself.

This year promises to be a powerful one for you, Scorpio, one in which you could jump to the top in your work and career. Amid all the busyness and moneymaking, be sure to take time for self-nurturance and spending time at home. You may at times feel extremely burned out, so the space you can take for yourself at home with friends and family is a must. Balancing all your upward movement with meditation and some form of a spiritual practice will be important, Scorpio, and worth the time it takes to get deep.

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Life vision, daydreams, and moving forward with your plans all color your year, Sagittarius. In keeping with the theme of 2018, following your heart or what seems exciting to you may feel easier than it has in the past. Your year is colored with busyness and sociability, so taking time at the onset of the year to visualize where you’d like to head is an excellent idea for setting yourself in motion in the best possible direction. Learning what you need to learn regarding balance, self-worth, and money is a big theme this year as well.

Tuning in and balancing yourself out will be great ways to spend your 2018, Capricorn. The cosmos are definitely asking you to remember to take moments of chill amid all your upward movement. If you feel stuck, you need to meditate. The reminder is that not everything is solved with constant action, but time to be receptive (meditation/yoga, if you like). Balance is key to your happiness this year, and just know that you’re always destined for success; you just want to be your happiest when you get there.

Listening to yourself, especially as it pertains to romance and partnerships, will be big this year, Aquarius. It will be a very exciting year for you because you’ll feel inspired to learn and grasp things you don’t understand about life and love. Some can feel stuck when they feel overwhelmed, but you will glide through this easier than you have in the past. A major key for 2018 is forward movement, learning major lessons through study or travel, and socializing to keep yourself balanced and inspired. Be a leader in places where you feel complacent, and watch life get super amazing for you.

Balance, self-worth, money, and letting go of old habits are all great buzzwords for you this year, Pisces. You are going to step into a dynamic and amazing year where you can move forward exponentially, especially when you let go of stuff that doesn’t serve your best life. Taking time for yourself will be important, balancing out your finances, or budgeting as well as getting keyed in with your health and sensual expression are all excellent ways to flourish for 2018. If it sounds like none of those things are related, you’ll see what I mean as you journey through the year. 

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