The Top 5 Jewelry Layering Mistakes

Layering your jewelry in a way that looks effortless yet pristine is as difficult as it is to create the perfect messy bun—the ones you spend an hour trying to perfect with the sole intention of it looking like you threw it up in two seconds as you walked out the door. We figured leaving a task like this up to an expert would be our safest bet, which is why we reached out to jewelry designer, Jennie Kwon, for her tips on the matter.

If you haven't heard of Kwon before now, we suggest you take the time to admire her delicately gorgeous pieces. Although all that she designs is striking enough to wear on its own, everything from her rings to her necklaces are also intended to be layered together, and the result is breathtaking. 

Kwon revealed to us some of the biggest jewelry layering mistakes she frequently sees people make, as well as ways to avoid them. Whether you feel like you are too timid to mix and match jewelry, or you tend to overwork the whole notion of layering in the first place, the expert advice she gives us here is something we can all benefit from and we are excited to share it with you here. 

Keep reading to see the top five jewelry layering mistakes, and shop ideal layering pieces to get you on the right track! 

Keep reading to shop the pieces you'll need to create a perfect layered look!