The Best Jewelry Gift Ideas to Give at Every Price Point

jewelry gift ideas at every price point


@fashionwithjazz; WEARING: Misho Pandaia Earrings ($194).

Let me take you through a little exercise: Imagine your loved one unwrapping their holiday gift and their eyes lighting up like the moon on a dark winter night. What have you given them? Without fail, I can tell you the best gifts I've ever received are always jewelry. Don't get me wrong—I love unwrapping a gift from a Black-owned brand, and I live for a good handbag, but jewelry has never disappointed me. There are trendy gifts, and then there are timeless gifts, and jewelry always falls in the latter.

Whether you're shopping for your mother, stylish friend, or partner, the simplest gift idea that can ensure the biggest awe factor is always something sparkly. But before you stress over the price tag, the style, or where to even shop for jewelry online, keep reading as I've rounded up the 60 best jewelry gift ideas at every price point. Trust me when I say these gifts will delight and dazzle.

Under $150

These Missoma earrings have been on my very own wish list, so that should tell you everything you need to know.

I own this beautiful ring as well, and I'm telling you it's worth every penny.  

Wanting to support a Black-owned business? Then look no further than Oma the Label. Its affordable jewelry makes for the perfect gift. 

If they're constantly streaming new music, give them these one-of-a-kind earrings that wrap around their headphones. 

I never considered myself a watch person until I got this stunning Breda watch. It's become the one piece I can't leave the house without.

When in doubt, a customizable signet ring is always a safe gift idea. 

You can't take them to the moon, but you can give them the universe (in the form of earrings, that is).

I own a lot of jewelry, but this ring is by far one of my favorite pieces.

Remind them how special they are with this sterling silver affirmation necklace.

I'll say it again: Initial jewelry is never a bad idea. These 14k studs will stun them—trust me.

They'll never know you scored these layered necklaces for under $100.

I've been given jewelry from Mejuri before, and honestly, they're some of the best gifts I've ever received.

This isn't your typical ring, and I'm not mad about it.

Less can be more. Case in point? This stunning dainty necklace. 

For the artist in your life, these paint palette earrings are the perfect gift. 

Under $350

If this doesn't make their eyes sparkle, IDK what will.

These simple emerald-cut stud earrings can come with various precious stones so you'll be able to gift them with a pair that matches their style best. 

Who needs a fidget spinner when you can have a fun maze ring? 

Yes, I realize this is another floral-inspired jewelry inclusion, but can you blame me? These anemone sterling silver earrings are gorgeous.

Jenny Bird's sculptural pieces give a whole new meaning to the term "wearable art." 

Not sure if they prefer dainty or statement jewelry? Skip the stress and give the most timeless gift of all: a chic watch.

Customizable nameplate hoop earrings? Don't mind if we do. 

For the zodiac enthusiast, it doesn't get better than a pendant with their astrological talisman. 

Shopping for a devout maximalist? A set of earrings and cuffs is sure to dazzle them.

Um, is your jaw on the floor too? Cult Gaia just gets it.

Give them a pair of earrings as eccentric as they are.

For the fashion-obsessed, it doesn't get better than this trendy heart-shaped necklace.

Every time I wear my SVNR earrings, I get all the compliments—they're a must-have for any jewelry collector.

Under $500

Give cuffing season a new meaning by gifting your partner (and yourself) with matching bangles from the Black-owned jewelry brand Third Crown. 

Made with kunzite and aquamarine stones, this is a unique necklace worth gifting to anyone. 

Have you ever seen a more unique ring? I'd jump through hoops to get my hands on this piece.

These earrings are the perfect gift for your most stylish friend.

This bracelet gives off "rich mom" energy.

Giving them a simple initial necklace is a fail-proof thoughtful gift idea.

Prediction: This ring will garner you all the compliments. 

Bangles are back, which makes this set a great buy. 

No other jewelry brand quite evokes Afrofuturism like Khiry. Each piece merges culture with metal to create genuinely divine jewelry with sculptural demi-fine pieces meant to explore the diaspora.

The contrasting heart on this silver chain bracelet will make their heart skip a beat. 

For jewelry lovers, collecting unique pieces is the name of the game, so it only makes sense to give them a piece from Alighieri.

Did you know that Aurate New York specializes in creating sustainable jewelry? That way you can feel good gifting any of its pieces. 

The first time I stumbled upon this chain watch from Michael Kors, my jaw dropped.

Still unsure what jewelry gift idea they'll love the most? Forget picking one thing—give them this jewelry advent calendar. 24 days of jewelry is sure to land you on the "nice" list for life.

Fine Jewelry to Splurge On

Give them something they can pass down for generations to come.

Another Black-owned jewelry brand you should be shopping for this season? Harwell Godfrey.

Want to get them something exceptional? Gemist offers customizable demi-fine and fine jewelry starting that you can design yourself.

Go ahead and gift your teenage self this iconic Tiffany necklace you always wanted in the '00s. 

Whether you're shopping for your mother or your bestie, these hoops are made to be gifted.

If Santa is reading this, please feel free to slip this ring under the tree for me. 

Mateo's unique pearl pieces are a welcome addition for any collector. 

Someone, please send help, as I've been unable to stop staring at this rainbow-hued gemstone bracelet.

The most stylish person on your list has probably been lusting after a Bea Bongiasca piece, so show them you're in the know by gifting them this.