The Only Boot Trend That Matters, According to Jennifer Lopez


Getty Images

Kate Middleton loves her nude pumps. Anna Wintour is committed to knee-high leather boots. Kendall Jenner can't stop wearing naked shoes. Everyone has their go-to shoe trend that they rely on time and time again, including Jennifer Lopez.

On Sunday, J.Lo wore slouchy over-the-knee boots with a Valentino babydoll minidress at a red carpet event for her latest movie, Second Act. When I saw her new outfit, I realized that every time she wears boots, they're seemingly always over-the-knee versions specifically. A bit of photo research confirmed my suspicions: J.Lo wears the style more than any other boot trend, teaming them with everything from skinny jeans to glamorous red carpet outfits. Scroll down to see seven different ways she's styled over-the-knee boots, and shop the look for yourself.