I'm Serious: These Jeans Never Lose Their Shape

You know the drill: It's Saturday, you've probably overslept (no judgement), and you're scrambling to put a decent look together. Our standard outfit for those mornings? A chic T-shirt, leggings, and sneakers considered acceptable to wear outside the gym—it tells the world we're ready to caffeine up and run errands like nobody's business.

But whatever happened to wearing jeans for your Saturday drill? We know, we know, finding denim comfortable enough to schlep around in is a difficult task, but we promise that there is a way. Self-professed denim lover Gina Ybarra of Hunt for Styles feels the same way, and she has a tip or two when it comes to finding the perfect comfortable pair. Thanks to her busy lifestyle, Ybarra has mastered the art of stylish dressing on the go, and today she's sharing the wealth.

Below, she tells us the secret that's transformed her relationship with denim and led her to the American Eagle Outfitters jeans she can't live without.

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