6 Easy Jeans-and-Boots Outfits I'll Live in This Winter

No matter who you are and what your personal style is, you've probably paired jeans and boots together at least a handful of times. In my case, this is my go-to combination come winter. Whether it's flares with sock boots or straight-legs with chunky stompers, it's a simple formula that never fails. 

We've hit that point in the year when the defining boot trends are taking shape, and we've already talked at length about 2023's key denim cuts. It's only natural, then, to start mentally inserting them into outfits. But you don't have to rely solely on your imagination—Instagram's best-dressed influencers have already provided ample inspiration.

One thing is for sure: This outfit formula certainly isn't one-size-fits-all. We've seen smart interpretations featuring blazers and indigo denim, cosy styling where statement knitwear and lug-soled boots compete for attention, and everything in between. Six looks in particular have stood out to us—check them out below.

1. Beige Blazer + Flared Jeans + Pointed-Toe Boots


(Image credit: @kristincabat)

Style Notes: Together with wide-leg jeans and pointed boots, this is a look we'll be wearing all year long.

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2. Quilted Jacket + Ecru Jeans + Chelsea Boots


(Image credit: @_jessicaskye)

Style Notes: There's no better option to keep you cosy than a quilted jacket. Ecru jeans will keep the outfit from feeling heavy, then opt for Chelsea boots for bonus comfort points.

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3. Relaxed Jumper + Distressed Jeans + Cowboy Boots


(Image credit: @alicezielasko)

Style Notes: Tap into your inner cowgirl with a pair of suede western boots, like Alice. Show them off by tucking in your jeans, then chuck on a neutral knit to balance out the statement styling.

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4. Leather Trench Coat + Baggy Jeans + Heeled Ankle Boots


(Image credit: @aniyahmorinia)

Style Notes: Baggy jeans sit on the more casual side of the denim spectrum, but can be easily elevated with the right pieces—for example, a leather trench coat and sleek ankle boots.

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5. Smart Coat + Black Jeans + Pointed-Toe Ankle Boots


(Image credit: @anoukyve)

Style Notes: Jeans can look so polished when paired with a smart coat and sleek boots, as Anouk proves. A cable knit jumper helps keep you cosy too.

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6. Long-Sleeved Top + Black Jeans + Burgundy Boots


(Image credit: @andi_mun)

Style Notes: You can always count on Parisians to make a simple outfit look enviably chic. The pop of burgundy is a considered detail that makes all the difference here.

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