J.Crew Is Officially Cool Again Thanks to TikTok—31 Items I'm Freaking Out Over

Once again, TikTok has proven to be a haven of sartorial discovery, even to us editors here at Who What Wear. Just recently, it was brought to our attention via a TikTok video that J.Crew's new head of women's design is officially revitalizing the brand and is worthy of all our attention—you can view my colleague's exclusive interview with Olympia Gayot here. As someone who has not shopped at J.Crew since college (for context, I am currently almost 30 years old), I was beyond intrigued by this news. After adding a majority of the items in that story to my personal shopping cart, I was in love with J.Crew all over again but I couldn't help but wonder what else the retailer had in store for me. 

Naturally, I did what I do best and scrolled through every single page on J.Crew's site and ended up with a cart full of 31 summer items that I am freaking out over. If you're in need of a summer shopping spree, I highly suggest you do your own deep dive into the stylish pages of J.Crew, but for now, I need to show off the items I discovered because they are worth all the hype if you ask me. 

And just like that, bubblegum pink is all I want to wear this summer. 

I truly can't decide between all the fun colors. 

Normalize wearing sweaters like this with bikinis. 

The belt makes this bikini non-negotiable. 

Shop the matching Wide-Rib High-Rise Bikini Bottom ($78).

There's nothing more classic than a crisp white shirt.

This hat deserves all the Instagram moments in the world.

Quite possibly the chicest under-$100 slides I've ever seen.

The convertible straps allow you to style this dress in more ways than one.

The jewelry at J.Crew right now is next-level. 

The styling of this look is what won me over.

Back again with my white-denim addiction.

Pair these with an all-white look for a pop of color.

This is the skirt I will bring on every vacation this summer. 

This color makes everything look so expensive. 

Investing in a timeless pair of sunnies is always a good idea.

This dress deserves an Italian vacation, ASAP. 

A tote that will last you a lifetime.