You Won't Believe That These J.Crew Items Are Already on Sale, But It's True

I've been covering Black Friday for years, and as much as I hate to say it, the sales—from the items included to the prices—have a tendency to fall below my expectations. Perhaps it's because there are more sales throughout the year than there once was, making Black Friday feel a tad less impactful, or it could just be that brands and retailers can't afford to get quite so heavy handed with the discounts as they once did. Either way, they sometimes come up flat. But the one I just spend an hour scrolling through didn't just proved that hope isn't lost when it comes to Cyber Month sales.

J.Crew launched its first round of Black Friday sales today, and rather than wait until the actual day to take things up a notch, the brand wasted no time slashing prices on pretty much everything, even new, in-season items that are perfect for gifting, wearing during the holidays, and styling well into 2024. Honestly, I was initially kind of shocked at how little J.Crew left at full price (shocked, but not unhappy, that is). Scroll down to shop the 27 I quite literally *had* to add to my shopping cart. 

A red sweater will make any outfit look chicer. 

These low-rise trousers are the perfect mix of classic and trendy. 

Dress this up for a formal holiday party of wedding and down with a big knit and sneakers. 

Leather gloves are the styling accessory of the season. 

This satin blazer is too pretty to resist. 

It's the holidays—add a red velvet bow to every outfit. 

I love the idea of pairing a paint-splattered, light-wash pair of denim with a dressy top. 

You won't find a coat this well made for this price anywhere else. 

I'm getting Khaite vibes, WBU? 

These are so easy and pretty for everyday wear. 

I have this bag in navy blue and it's even nicer in person. It holds so much and is far chicer than any of my other tote bags.

I wouldn't be surprised if someone thought this was The Row. 

Oh, you want a nice dress coat? Here you go.

It's the time of year for sequins. Take advantage of it. 

Okay, this one really is The Row–esque. 

I couldn't think of a more perfect pair of boots if I tried.

For all those long, winter weeks you'll be taking to whatever close by nature oasis you have. 

For when you're board of wearing the same black jeans.