January Editor's Letter: Forget a "Brand-New You"—We're Here for a "Best You"


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Dear Who What Wear Readers,

Firstly, a very happy new year to you all! Our entire team (including my cat, Folly, who obviously consults on all feline fashion matters) hopes you enjoyed a well-deserved break over the festive period.

We're all looking forward to walking confidently into 2018 with you, and that's our raison d'être here at the UK HQ: January is a great starting point for positive change and breaking bad habits, but in an era of wellness, I urge you to not pile the pressure on. You don't need to be a "brand-new you" and dress like an entirely different person every time "Auld Lang Syne" strikes. We're here to support you in being the "best you," full stop, every day of the year—and that means being kind to yourself during the many moments where we all feel less than perfect and want to hibernate safely in a Slanket bingeing on Scandal (just me?).

So, forget unrealistic goals and implementing sartorial 180s like buying smaller-sized clothes to "fit into." My personal mission—and that of our Who What Wear stories, social content and culture—is to help you come out of hibernation, whenever you're ready, feeling fully equipped to tackle whatever might be thrown your way fashion-wise without feeling overwhelmed. For me, it's a really simple case of thinking about how to get dressed again, and we'll be introducing a series focused solely on that, starting with the style mistakes we're resolute in not making again.

"Fashion wellness" is a term we use a lot in our office. How can your closet be a happier place? How can your outfit choices make you more successful, or friendlier, or ethically savvy? Without giving everything away (keep checking back, won't you) we'll be looking at confidence-building through colour, for example—just a simple change of hue can change your mood according to science. We'll set about debunking the myths that surround personal style, as well as revealing the realities of constructing a capsule wardrobe. Our team will pool together their industry experts to bring you the ultimate "power pose" outfits so you can nail that forthcoming job interview or simply stand a little taller in the next big meeting, presentation or event you might not yet feel prepped for.


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The accessory trend everyone will be doing in 2018.

Then there are the new trends for S/S 18 coming in thick and fast. Consider us a really fussy filter that blocks out the noise and nonsense to bring you what's really important and game-changing for you and your wardrobe. Take this for starters: Here is the number one accessory everyone will want to invest in for the year, and it's actually affordable.

And to the January biggie: Having literally no cash whatsoever. We'll be bringing you some heroic fashion ideas you can achieve with next to no money, as well as guidance on nailing the concept of cost-per-wear once and for all. Our super-columnist, Emma Thatcher of A Style Album, is even challenging herself to not buy anything new all January—and that, for any fashion girl, sounds difficult. We'll also explain how to look expensive on a very tight budget and provide such handy tidbits as a concise sales edit, so you can spend wisely (and without faffing). And we'll tell you how you can successfully sell your clothes online to bring in a little extra cash. 

If there's anything you'd love to see more (or less) of, simply drop us a DM on Facebook or Instagram, and we'll make a huge effort to include your suggestions within our future editorial plans. 

Lastly, here's a virtual hug from me to you, because "yours sincerely" doesn't exactly fit with our January mantra now, does it?


Hannah Almassi
Editor in Chief

Hannah Almassi is the Editor in Chief of Who What Wear UK. Hannah has been part of the the Who What Wear brand since 2015, when she was headhunted to launch the UK sister site and social channels, implement a localised content strategy and build out the editorial team. She joined following a seven-year tenure at Grazia magazine, where she led front-of-book news, fashion features and shopping specials as fashion news and features editor. With experience in both print and digital across fashion and beauty, Hannah has over 16 years in the field as a journalist, editor, content strategist and brand consultant. Hannah has interviewed industry heavyweights such as designers including Marc Jacobs and Jonathan Anderson through to arbiters of taste including Katie Grand and Anna Dello Russo. A skilled moderator and lecturer specialising in the shift to digital media and e-commerce, Hannah’s opinion and work has been sought by the likes of CNBC, BBC, The Sunday Times Style, The Times, The Telegraph and MatchesFashion.com, among many others. Hannah is often called upon for her take on trends, becoming known as a person with their finger of the pulse of what’s happening in the fashion space for stylish Brits. Hannah currently resides in Eastbourne with her photographer husband, incredibly busy son and highly Instagrammable cat.