6 Times It Looked Like Jackie Kennedy Onassis Was Wearing Modern-Day Gucci

Jackie Kennedy Onassis is definitely known for being one of the most stylish first ladies. Admired for her pillbox hats, elegant scarves, and perfectly tailored yet feminine suits, it was not until recently that we took note of something completely unexpected about her wardrobe. Much to our surprise, while we were going through the archives of Jackie images, there were a handful of times a double-take was more than necessary as it looked as though the First Lady were wearing Gucci. And not just any Gucci, modern-day Gucci, the pieces Alessandro Michele designed that redefined the brand, with details so distinct you could pick them out in even the biggest of crowds—that Gucci. 

Whether it be to a black-tie affair, a meeting, or a casual lunch, Jackie Kennedy Onassis's style proves that if she were alive today, there is no doubt she would have been a fan of what Gucci as a brand is doing. The resemblance of pieces she wore back then in comparison to what is currently available at Gucci right now is uncanny and gives us yet another reason to love and admire this historically fashionable icon. 

Keep reading to see all the times Jackie Kennedy Onassis looked as if she were wearing modern-day Gucci!