7 Random Items I'll Never Stop Buying From Zara

I have been obsessed with Zara since before I can even remember. Zara allowed me to feel like I was participating in the fashion industry without having to spend tons of money. It was a store that made me feel included, and to be honest, it still makes me feel the same exact way. Now, I look to Zara for slightly different things than I did back when I was in college, but there are seven things that no matter how old I get, I will never stop buying from Zara. 

Ahead, take a look at the items I will always buy from Zara—including boots, knitwear, and more. Each category below is one that I feel always looks expensive, has great quality, and grant me the most compliments out of any other Zara purchases (at least in my life). If shopping at Zara overwhelms you, I suggest you take my advice and start shopping these seven styles ahead. 


Boots can be pretty expensive, but thanks to Zara's affordable prices, I always feel like I can participate in the season's biggest trends as well as stock my closet with classic styles. 


I truly love the outerwear selection at Zara. I find it to be extremely expensive-looking no matter the price, and as someone who lived through many tough New York winters, I can promise the coats keep you warm too. 


I am someone who treats tailored trousers like jeans. I love wearing them with casual items like T-shirts and sweatshirts, so finding them at an affordable price is something I really value. 


If you're a sucker for sweaters like I am, then you know there is no such thing as owning too many. I feel zero guilt stuffing my drawers to the brim with cozy Zara knits because of both the overall quality and great price point.  

Strappy Sandals

During the spring and summer, I tend to wear my strappy sandals to the ground. I am on the shorter side of the spectrum, so I actually prefer wearing a little heel for that extra height, which means I really get a lot of use out of these shoes. That being said, I prefer not to invest in shoes I know I won't take proper care of. Hence the Zara sandal addiction. 


If you haven't drunk the Zara blazer Kool-Aid yet, do it ASAP. These blazers have the fit you are looking for and, once again, look way more expensive than they actually are. 


This year, everyone is taking loungewear a tad more seriously and Zara is a great place to start. Invest in cute knit matching sets, affordable sweatsuits, and more for a comfy wardrobe that won't break the bank.