My 57-Year-Old Aunt Was My First Style Icon—26 Stunning Things She's Buying Now



My mom and my aunt both taught me to love fashion at a young age. Their love of clothes started at an early age as well. In high school, they were called "the Vogue sisters" and my mom never lets me forget that she won "best-dressed". While both women are still very well-dressed, it was my aunt who took and still takes the most fashion risks and that always intrigued me. I remember being in awe at the confidence she had wearing whatever the hell she wanted even if everyone else in the family poked fun at her for it being a little out there. I wondered what it was like to be so secure in your style that it didn't matter what anyone else thought, and so, as I grew up and eventually started working in the fashion industry, I tried to keep her level of security in her personal taste in mind as I developed my own. 

To this day, I am constantly reaching out to her asking for advice on a purchase, sending her links to things I think she would like, and vice versa. In other words, she's still got it. Often times she will show up wearing something she's seen in a Who What Wear story, or she will be carrying the latest It bag to which I scream at her in jealousy for. Since I still admire her style as much now as I did back then, I decided I should dedicate a story to her so that you all could get a peek into her personal style via her current shopping wish list. 

Ahead, enjoy my 57-year-old aunt's wishlist du jour and read her comments on why she loves (and I mean truly loves) each. I would be lying if I said she didn't buy many of these items as we worked on this story together, so if I were you, I would buy your favorites before she takes them all.  

"I would wear this dress as a shirt over pants. I often try to think outside of the box when it comes to unique pieces I find like this quirky printed mini dress. What might be a dress to my niece is a cute top to me." 

"I have definitely been buying more flats this year as opposed to heels. I am looking for shoes that I can wear around the house and go out in and I don't think I have to sacrifice style to do that." 

"I love this sweater because it looks expensive, but isn't. The ribbed detailing helps with that and allows me to dress it both up and down with ease." 

"For example, I would easily style that sweater up there with this Tibi skirt. I love adding a pop of metallic in an outfit, even casually." 

"From the square toe to the funky heel, this mule really speaks to my heart. Fun fact: I actually bought these while my niece was working and I was "helping" her write this." 

"I am one of those crazy people that got served an Instagram ad and actually bought the product immediately after. Okay, maybe I checked with my niece beforehand to make sure the brand was legit since I hadn't heard of it before, but the second she told me it was one of her favorite handbag brands I made the purchase and have been carrying it ever since." 

"I love the versatility of the wrap element. The neutral color makes it easy to wear with nearly everything and I personally see it as a good opportunity to show off a dramatic earring." 

"Expensive? Yes (I cringed at the price). But everything about these is worth the investment to me. I rarely treat myself to fine jewelry but when I do I prefer something I can wear literally every day and these earrings are exactly that." 

"I prefer clothes that are interesting and stylish where the emphasis is on the actual garment and not on my body. This flowy chocolate brown dress does exactly that." 

"I love dresses and skirts and love wearing boots with them. While I do like ankle boots, when it comes to dresses and skirts I prefer my entire leg to be covered and knee-high boots help me get that look." 

"This look is my pandemic vibe—comfortable and oversized yet pulled together." 

"I enjoy lengthier coats since I tend to wear longer clothes in general. This coat, in particular, struck a chord with me because I have also enjoyed the quilting trend this season. It feels like I'm wearing a big blanket all day." 

"I'm a sucker for cute sneakers and the more fun the better." 

"I own this puffer in red and my niece calls me Santa Claus when I wear it but I don't care. However, I will also be buying this pearl version and it has nothing to do with her mocking me." 

"This sweater is everything to me because I like feeling like I'm wearing a ski sweater without actually hitting the slopes. Does that make sense to anyone but me?" 

"Shirts with interesting details like this make for easy to put together outfits. All you need is a good pair of jeans and some flats and you're good to go." 

"I already own these shoes and wear them all the time. I enjoy that they have the casual vibe of a slipper but are also a shoe I can wear out too."

"I love Ganni. I have a different version of this dress already (that my niece gave me) that leans more springtime which is why I have been eyeing this darker print for fall and winter. I often style this silhouette with a sleek mule for more formal occasions or an ankle boot for a casual look."  

" I have these earrings in so many colors and regret nothing. They are so fun, colorful, super sparkly, and luxurious." 

"Shirts like this I love buying a bit oversized. I love that the texture of this one makes it feel like a more elevated version of a basic." 

"When I find jewelry that is stylish and interesting and doesn't break the bank, I buy it." 

"I feel like some people think their face is not well suited for a beanie, but I am convinced that a beanie with a pom-pom on top actually lifts your face, drawing the attention up and allows me to not worry about my hair. Am I crazy?" 

"This sweater gives me grandpa vibes in the best way possible. I like how the sleeves cover the parts of my arms I often try to hide while still giving me the look of a short sleeve. It would look cute with sneakers and jeans which are two items I wear almost every day." 

"I love the way this boot forms to your foot—it's so flattering. A smart heel like this is always worth the investment if you ask me." 

"Too much wash or distress on jeans is too youthful for my personal taste. A dark wash feels classic and this particular pair has an updated shape that feels fresh. Additionally, in general, I prefer a cropped hem because it shows off all my cute shoes." 

"These hats are really flattering on my face and look more elevated than a baseball cap or a beanie (they also allow me to show off a cute earring)."  

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