9 International Outfit Ideas That Are About to Be Huge

There is a reason street style images and stars alike intrigue us beyond belief. It's not just the designer pieces and noteworthy styling techniques that get our hearts racing—it's the way in which these women carry themselves while wearing some of the most complex trends around. And while we love the style of American women, there is something extraordinary about the way in which ladies from around the world put together outfits, and we need to copy that something ASAP.

The outfits captured on the streets during London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks are somehow on trend yet not overplayed in any way. This is the kind of look we should always aspire to put together when we get dressed in the morning. Before the outfit combinations we are about to show to you catch wave here in America, we suggest you start shopping the pieces you need to re-create them before anyone else does.

Ahead, see the international outfit combinations that are about to blow up in the U.S. and the pieces you'll need to pull them off!