I Tried 7 Instagram Posing Trends, and This One Was the Least Awkward

Just as there are trends in fashion, cuisine, travel, and home décor, there are trends on Instagram. I, for one, can't resist calling out a new posing trend, as I recently did here and here. But trying them out myself is a whole other story. I'll admit to not being the least awkward person when it comes to posing for photos (especially by myself), so any posing assistance is welcome. That's why I decided to try out seven of the most popular Instagram posing trends myself—only some of which I could bring myself to post on my own IG feed, but I'm bravely sharing them all with you.

To be honest, there were a few Instagram poses I just couldn't bring myself to attempt, including Bambi pose (so not me, but respect to anyone who pulls it off) and pasta pose (I don't eat pasta, sadly, and I refrain from food IG posts, in general). Luckily, I still had plenty of poses to choose from, and it was very clear to me which were the most and least awkward of the bunch. Keep scrolling to see my ranking of seven trending Instagram poses, from least to most awkward. Feel free to cringe with me…

#1 (AKA Least Awkward): Baby Giraffe Pose

To thank for baby giraffe pose, we have Eva Chen, who swears by its leg-lengthening powers. In addition to that, my favorite thing about this one was that it's so subtle I didn't even intentionally do it!

More Baby Giraffe Examples

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#2: The Long Shot

It's hard to mess this one up. As Man Repeller recently pointed out, posting a photo taken from far away is "an authenticity play." I, for one, liked that it showed off the setting I was in and that I didn't have to worry about how I looked in it, since you can't really see my face anyway.

More Long Shot Examples

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#3: The Shoe Crouch

I thought this pose would be a little too Hypebae for me to pull off, but I realized that it doesn't necessarily require a streetwear 'fit. I love Instagramming shoes, so this provides another engaging way to do it.

More Shoe Crouch Examples

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#4: Wine Sip Pose

The most awkward thing about this posing trend was definitely asking someone to take your picture while you're sipping wine. I actually don't hate the picture, though. It looks at least a little more natural than it felt.

More Wine Sip Pose Examples

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#5: Cowgirl Pose

I often struggle to find something to do with my hands in photos, but model Martha Hunt swears by cowgirl pose, claiming in an Insta story with Eva Chen that this pose (putting her hands in her pockets or belt loops and popping one hip out) accentuates her curves. I felt a little hokey doing this, but it certainly solved the predicament of what to do with my hands when I'm not holding a bag or anything.

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#6: The Bustie

I love the name of this one (a bust-selfie hybrid) first and foremost, but it definitely takes a little more planning than some of the others. I had to go to a museum, find a bust sculpture, hope that the lighting would be decent (it wasn't), and hope that there weren't a ton of people milling around. I think the key is to really get into it with a dramatic pose, but there were security guards hovering. I'm not sure I'd do it all again, truth be told.

#7: (AKA Most Awkward): Barbie Feet Pose

I wanted to like Barbie feet pose, but I felt pretty ridiculous doing it. I felt like I was trying too hard and that there was a good chance I'd fall over. Maybe it takes practice, or maybe it's best done on a beach, in a swimsuit, and after a cocktail. Either way, Barbie feet are clearly not my specialty.

More Barbie Feet Examples

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Pretty fair ranking, don't you think?

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