I Tried 7 Instagram Posing Trends, and This One Was the Least Awkward

Just as there are trends in fashion, cuisine, travel, and home décor, there are trends on Instagram. I, for one, can't resist calling out a new posing trend, as I recently did here and here. But trying them out myself is a whole other story. I'll admit to not being the least awkward person when it comes to posing for photos (especially by myself), so any posing assistance is welcome. That's why I decided to try out seven of the most popular Instagram posing trends myself—only some of which I could bring myself to post on my own IG feed, but I'm bravely sharing them all with you.

To be honest, there were a few Instagram poses I just couldn't bring myself to attempt, including Bambi pose (so not me, but respect to anyone who pulls it off) and pasta pose (I don't eat pasta, sadly, and I refrain from food IG posts, in general). Luckily, I still had plenty of poses to choose from, and it was very clear to me which were the most and least awkward of the bunch. Keep scrolling to see my ranking of seven trending Instagram poses, from least to most awkward. Feel free to cringe with me…

Pretty fair ranking, don't you think?