Models Do This Instagram Posing Trend to Avoid Looking Awkward


David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty Images for Cartier

If it seems like there's just one Instagram posing trend after another as of late, you're not wrong. First, we pointed out the popularity of Barbie feet, and then there was Eva Chen's baby-giraffe-pose craze. Up next, we have cowgirl pose.

One of the biggest predicaments when posing for a photo (especially a solo one) is what to do with your hands. Putting them on your hips can feel cheesy, crossing your arms can make you seem unapproachable, holding a prop can seem forced, and so on. So what's one to do when you want to show off your 'fit without looking completely lame? Victoria's Secret model Martha Hunt (above) has the answer, and it actually comes as a result of baby giraffe pose.

Hunt was visiting the Instagram offices last week (when baby giraffe pose was brought to the world's attention), and Chen posted an Instagram of her and Hunt doing their respective signature poses, pointing out that the model's "cowgirl" pose is "hands in pockets, one hip out." I took a look at a handful of other models' Instagrams and quickly realized that it's definitely a thing, and it basically banishes all photo-taking awkwardness, is flattering, and is completely easy to pull off. See #cowgirlpose for yourself below. (Tip: Just remember to wear something with pockets the next time you plan to pose, but it also works to hold onto something that's tied around your waist.)

Aren't you glad to finally have the answer to this posing predicament? (I am.)