Suddenly, These 8 Trends Are Popping Up All Over Instagram

Instagram has come a long way since it was founded in 2010. While we'll always look back on the over-filtered snaps of our coffee cups with fondness, as time has gone on, the platform has become an increasingly chicer and vast space. Now, you can Reel until your heart's content, connect with people via DM, and collect your favourite content to refer back to at a later date, and that's on top of what the app was initially built for—sharing photographs.

This is still my favourite aspect of Instagram; scrolling through beautiful captures. Given the fact that I live and breathe my career as a fashion editor, it should come as no surprise that my discover page is 99% style inspiration.

I spend a great deal of time combing through the latest posts from my go-to content creators, and upon doing so this week, I couldn't help but notice that the same viral trends kept cropping up, pieces that feel especially fresh this season. So, I thought, why not share them here with you, should you be looking for ways to make your outfits feel more current. Below are eight Instagram fashion trends that will define the 2023 aesthetic.

1. Split-Hem Leggings

Style Notes: Leggings appear regularly on my Instagram feed, but I've noticed a noteworthy increase in the pairs of split-hem styles coming through. 

2. Something Lime

Instagram Fashion Trends 2023: @monikh wears a lime satin dress



Style Notes: If you've consulted our spring 2023 trend report then you'll know that lime is one of the biggest hues of the season, which explains why it's so prevalent on IG at the moment, 

3. Sling Bags

Instagram Fashion Trends 2023: @emswells carried a sling bag



Style Notes: There's a time and a place for fancy handbags, but the Instagram style set are currently favouring more practical styles, such as COS's relaxed leather crossbody. 

4. Denim Skirts

Instagram Fashion Trends 2023: @sylviemus_ wears a denim skirt with a denim shirt



Style Notes: Denim skirts never go out of style, but rarely do they sit at top of the fashion agenda as they are now. Seriously, all of my favourite outfits feature them, and that can't be a coincidence. 

5. Flat Mary-Janes

Instagram Fashion Trends 2023: @nlmarilyn wears a pair of Mary Jane flat shoes with white socks



Style Notes: Loafers will always be a solid shoe option for spring/summer, but if you're looking to hit refresh on your collection of flats, you need only look to trending Mary Janes. From high-street to high-end, pairs keep selling out, so I would consider your next move swiftly. 

6. Stripe Shirts

Instagram Fashion Trends 2023: @sasha.mei wears a striped shirt with blue jeans



Style Notes: Now that we're starting to shed our winter layers, everyone is reaching for bold stripe shirts in relaxed silhouettes. Pair with jeans and the aforementioned Mary Janes for a low-key look you'll get so much wear out of. 

7. Knitted Co-ords

Instagram Fashion Trends 2023: @abimarvel wears a knitted co-ord



Style Notes: Between renovating a house and an incredibly busy social calendar, I have enough stress to contend with; so, when I want to look put together with next to no effort, I reach for my knitted skirt co-ord. 

8. Chunky Pendants

Instagram Fashion Trends 2023: @anoukyve wears a chunky pendant necklace with a white t-shirt



Style Notes: Jewellery is one of the quickest ways to bring your existing wares bang up to date and, right now, it's all about chunky pendants on short chains or cords.