21 Things Our Editors Really Want to Buy Right Now

Did you catch this post last time? If so, feel free to skip below for this month's batch of Instagram-induced shopping inspiration. If not, you can still do that, but here’s the rundown: I love utilizing the "save to collections" feature on Instagram to flag anything from interior design inspo to interestingly composed photos I might try for myself to fashion pieces I love and, naturally, want to buy. So much so, in fact, that I decided to start reaching out to my fellow Who What Wear editors every month to find out what they’ve been eyeing too. Needless to say, they deliver every time. From the amazing outfit our EIC, Kat, found (that I actually think I need to order for myself) to Lauren's pink picks from under-the-radar brands you should definitely bookmark, just keep scrolling to see the fashion items we currently have saved to our Instagram collections, and shop them along the way.

“I think there’s at least one shoe by Amina Muaddi in this roundup every time, and this month it’s me. I was instantly drawn to this unique animal print, and when coupled with the crystal straps and signature pyramid heel, it makes the perfect summer-to-fall sandal.”

“Ideally, I’d like to re-create this entire outfit, but the pants are definitely the first step.”

“Both of these Eres x Attico suits are great, but as a high-waisted bikini loyalist, I can’t help but be drawn to the pink-and-red set.”

"I placed my first Paloma Wool order in 2015 and have been a fan of the brand ever since. There's something delightfully unique about its perspective, as if the brand is operating in its own creative bubble untainted by Instagram trends. Naturally, its take on the skirt suit is just as fresh."

"I first learned about Rylan because of its stunning bags. A few months back, I included them in the first slide of our editorial meeting presentation, so I could share my favorite new discovery with the team. Color me delighted, then, when I found out that Rylan's jewelry is just as noteworthy. I am flat out in love with this special necklace. I already have the earrings, and I'm daydreaming about the necklace counterpart to create the perfect matchy-matchy set."

"I just want all the Paco Rabanne bags. They're like jewelry—they go with everything."

"I've been thinking about this chainlink ring a lot. It's definitely the cool-girl way to wear diamonds and all things considered, the price isn't bad at all."

"I have fallen in love with this Danish brand, Resume. Take one look at its Instagram account, and you'll fall just as in love with its quirky vibe, I promise."

"Ciao Lucia is one of those brands that just always gets it right, and this hot pink number is no exception."

"I'm not-so-secretly a fan of everything Daniel Lee designs for Bottega Veneta, and these quilted square-toe heels are my latest obsession. They don't come out until December, but think I'll need to order them now so they arrive just in time for my birthday."

"Lunya designs pajamas that are as comfortable as they are stylish, and I tell everyone to buy them. I pretty much live in them from the moment I get home at night. Right now, I want to get my hands on this silk set (which is somehow washable)."

"Have you ever seen a more incredible dress? I can't get over the shell details at the bust. This is instantly pushing me to book a vacation at the beach just so I have a place to wear it."

"I've seen this necklace making its way around Instagram all summer, but this beachside shot may have officially sealed the deal for me."

"These remind me of a pair of sandals I had as a kid, albeit much more elevated."

"I'm always looking for new ways to dress for the office in summer—and a chic shorts suit fits the bill perfectly."

"Another great desk-to-drinks outfit? This chic ruched dress. Just add strappy sandals."

"Everyone seems to have this Réalisation Par slip dress, and I want in on the action!"

"I'm a huge classic rock fan (see proof here), so when I heard Stella McCartney was doing a Beatles-inspired capsule, I was immediately obsessed. Suddenly, I need a Yellow Submarine sweater in my life."

"I love following stylist Anita Patrickson's travels around the world, but especially in her home country of South Africa. Her sandal brand, Amanu, has partnered with Singita to donate a portion of revenues from sandals made custom on the properties to Singita's conservation and environmental education efforts."

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