10 Budget-Friendly Jewelry Brands You Will Love

We all know that wardrobe staples like a white T-shirt or black ankle boots are the closet mainstays upon which we build the rest of our outfits. But what about accessories? When it comes to jewelry, you should think about your staple pieces in the same way. Are you reaching for a stack of rings or a signature necklace each day? If jewelry isn't a huge part of your getting-ready routine, you could be sabotaging your outfits in the long run since accessorizing is the key to making your outfits look like you put much more thought (and money) into them than you really did.

Now, let's talk jewelry staples. The good news is you don't have to spend a fortune on stylish pieces like gold charm necklaces, signet rings, and dainty earrings. So today, we're sharing the affordable jewelry brands we swear by for the cutest pieces that will help us wear the latest jewelry trends. Whenever we're on the hunt for a new piece to add to our collections, these 10 brands are our first stops. Just below, you'll find your next dainty cuff, statement earring, or gold coin necklace.

1. 8 Other Reasons

Brand: 8 Other Reasons

Price range: $15 to $70

Why we love it: The Bella Hadid–approved brand is great for anyone who loves wearing gold jewelry.

2. Kenneth Jay Lane

Brand: Kenneth Jay Lane

Price range: $50 to $250

Why we love it: This affordable jewelry brand is great for elegant pieces that only look expensive.

Best Affordable Jewelry Brands: BaubleBar



Brand: BaubleBar

Price range: $20 to $70

Why we love it: BaubleBar is our go-to affordable brand for a quick trendy-jewelry fix.

4. Cinco

Best Affordable Jewelry Brands: Cinco



Brand: Cinco

Price range: $35 to $105

Why we love it: Though we recently discovered this Spain-based jewelry line, it's quickly become our favorite for stackable gold necklaces and anything vintage inspired.

5. Argento Vivo

Brand: Argento Vivo

Price range: $30 to $120

Why we love it: The brand is a surefire source for all those dainty everyday pieces you crave.

Best Affordable Jewelry Brands: Madewell



Brand: Madewell

Price range: $20 to $60

Why we love it: Next time you shop at Madewell, don't overlook its affordable jewelry section.

7. Shashi

Best Affordable Jewelry Brands: Shashi



Brand: Shashi

Price range: $40 to $80

Why we love it: You'll want to snatch up Shashi's cool pieces the first chance you get. (The brand is known for selling out.)

8. Luv Aj

Best Affordable Jewelry Brands: Luv AJ



Brand: Luv Aj

Price range: $50 to $125

Why we love it: Chunky hoop earrings and rings are what Luv Aj does best.

Best Affordable Jewelry Brands: SOKO



Brand: Soko

Price range: $48 to $158

Why we love it: Shop here for trendy gold pieces like hoops and chain necklaces that are sustainably made.

10. Missoma

Brand: Missoma

Price range: $115 to $350

Why we love it: Although the price point is a tad higher than the other brands featured here, Missoma's quality is well worth the money in my opinion. I have a set of necklaces from the brand that I wear every day (yes, even in the shower—sorry!) that have never tarnished. Don't miss the fashion-girl favorites designed in collaboration with Lucy Williams.