You Don't Understand—I'm Utterly Obsessed With These 30 Indie-Label Buys

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@emnitta; Pictured: La Manso Resin Rings ($75-150)

Part of my job as a fashion editor involves uncovering new and emerging designers that deserve to be on your radar (if they're not already). It's one of the most rewarding parts of what I do and believe me when I say there's nothing better than watching a young label have its proverbial "glow up" going from virtually unknown to cult-popular. And getting to say that I spotted them early on is been better (nothing wrong with a little humblr brag, OK?)

Although I shop from the big-name brands, too, there's no denying that indie-label buys just hit different. Each of them offers a perspective that's wholly original and shopping from them basically guarantees you won't be dressing like everyone else. From the beautifully minimal silhouettes on offer from NZ-based Paris Georgia to the fun-loving and sustainable lingerie sets from London's Fruity Booty, keep reading to discover my favorite indie clothing brands and shop the exact pieces in my cart right now.


My California-dwelling skater-girl alter ego can live her best life in these.

LA-based label The Line By K just brought back the knit set that sold out in the spring in a new chocolate color. And, no, this version won't be in stock for very long either.

Shop the matching Daisy Pants ($180)

This sweetheart neckline deserves its own spotlight. It's stunning, unique, and fashion girl-approved.

The rings you see above are from this Barcelona-based brand that all the coolest girls on Instagram are wearing now.

If you like fun-loving clothes and supporting sustainable fashion, put Gimaguas (and this Queen's Gambit-inspired cardigan set) on your radar ASAP.

I can't decide what I'm more impressed with, the lace-up detail on these leather pants or the fact that they're only $50.

Nobody asked, but these are the dream shoes that live in my head rent-free.

How to have fun 101: put on one of Fruity Booty's sets made from reclaimed fabrics and dance in your room.

Ballerina-style shrugs are one of my favorite knit trends right now and this LA-made set is pure perfection.

Not all knit dresses are made equal.

"Napkin tops" are trending, and they're exactly what you're thinking.

Cool-girl brand Miaou just keeps on churning out the hits. I want—no need—this corset (and probably the matching pants) in my life immediately.

The styling ideas with this versatile set are endless.

This knit top is handmade on special looms in California so when someone compliments you on it (which they will) you have a nice conversation starter.

I have yet to see a loungewear 'fit that's cooler than this.

New Zealand label Georgia Alice can do no wrong. But don't just take it from me—Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is also a cult fan.

I never plan on wearing boring tops with my jeans again.

From the retro gum sole to the beautiful cream-colored Adidas stripes, designer Wales Bonner made the ultimate '70s-inspired sneaker. 

Restocking basics from sustainable brands just hits different.

In 2020, I'd consider these lounge shorts a basic, too.

If my necklines aren't this cool, I don't want them.

These playful, tropical flower-shaped earrings are worth setting my everyday hoops aside for.

The chunky boots that live perpetually in my cart (and my heart).

It's never been easier to get in on the prairie collar trend than this.

I suggest you keep your eye on emerging designer Charlotte Knowles. With her one-of-a-kind pieces that are equal parts provocative and intriguing, she's going places. Plus, Bella Hadid is a fan.