The Anti-Gift Gift Guide: 33 Luxurious Things I'm Buying Myself This Season

gifts for yourself


The Row; Prada; Miu Miu; Rhode

Now that the holidays are right around the corner, I've been adamant about bookmarking, taking screenshots, and adding every viable gift idea I come across to my cart in case it happens to work for one of the many friends, family, and co-workers on my list to shop for. So you can imagine that I've racked up a pretty impressive roster of the coolest gift ideas out there. (I have pretty good taste if I must say.) 

If you're also the type of shopper who says "I'll buy one for myself too," then I think you'll appreciate this edit because I made it specifically with a little self-gifting in mind. If you ask me, you never need an occasion to treat yourself to something nice, but I'd say that the holidays and the end of another year are reasons enough. As the cast of Parks and Rec would say, go ahead and treat yo' self to one or several of the 33 gift ideas in my cart. You deserve it.

I genuinely cannot think of a more exciting use of $90.

If I dream about this enough, do we think it might magically appear on my neck?

Anyone who knows me IRL knows that I haven't shut up about this bag for months.

If you're ahead of the curve, you already have this piece in your cart.

Another winter season, another pair of Uggs. I don't make the rules.

Believe me. Almina Concept's knitwear doesn't just look premium and designer—it feels like it too.

A designer belt is such a great investment piece because it's something you know you'll wear it all the time.

A small price to pay for a dress that could pass as a designer piece.

The brand behind my go-to tights just released a pair of indestructible fishnets, and I've never added something to my cart so quickly.

Arguably the easiest way to wear the It color of the season.

If the Loewe candle isn't on your wish list, are you even a fashion person?

I've already waxed poetic about the Prada Symbole Sunglasses, but I simply can't stop talking about the classic, timeless shape.

All I want to wear are halter tops right now.

I don't have a friend or co-worker who wouldn't be over the moon to receive this Rhode lip treatment set (myself included).

Your home deserves to get the luxury treatment too.

The best part about buying yourself a gift for the holidays is that you'll actually get the sizing right.

I'm calling it now: 2024 will be my year of entertaining.

Like a trip to the spa without leaving home.

The floral footwear from Prada's F/W 23 collection is worthy of fashion's finest archives, and I'm dreaming of owning this pair of flats.

That's my name—don't wear it out.

The things I wouldn't do for this bag are truly next to none.

A daily indulgence I don't want to ever go without.

Gifting yourself with lingerie just might be the most useful way to treat yourself, especially when it's one of Kat the Label's expert fits.

Shop the matching Alice Thong ($30).

Did I just stumble upon Zara's most expensive-looking find?

Even when it's not burning, it makes my home smell amazing.

Owning a piece from the new and very-buzzed-about era of Tory Burch is a gift your future self will thank you for.

Can you tell I've been looking at a lot of old photos of Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy?

Winter is coming—enough said.