These 8 Gucci Items Will Always Be Iconic

When it comes to luxury fashion, Gucci has always been at the top. Alongside the other stalwarts of the fashion industry—Chanel, Dior, Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, et al.—the Italian fashion house has remained popular. Founded in 1921, this 100-year-old brand is arguably the biggest it's ever been. True, Tom Ford's tenure shouldn't be discounted (he gave the brand real sass during the '90s), but since Alessandro Michele took over the helm of creative director in 2015, Gucci has completely transformed.

Michele was only appointed head honcho about half a decade ago, but in the past six years, thanks to the creative director, the brand has become the most popular and most profitable in the Kering family, which also owns Bottega Veneta, Saint Laurent and Balenciaga. There's no denying the effect of the new aesthetic Michele's brought to the label. 


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According to global fashion search platform Lyst, Gucci is the most popular brand after Nike and Off-White. So how has he done it? Thanks to Michele pushing the boundaries of the brand, collections have been more experimental and exciting, even within the confines of a huge fashion house (hello, those severed heads on the autumn/winter 2018 runway), and the brand has been all the better for it.

That's not to say that everything the brand does is perfect, but it has made fashion accessible—it's less snobby and means the fashion house's designs aren't confined to those with huge pay packets. From bags to T-shirts as well as the GG belt, there are new icons from the Michele era that cannot be ignored. 

I've followed the brand closely over that time, and there are a few pieces that have stood out. Keep scrolling for the new icons of the brand that will stand up years down the line. 


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If there's one item I had to say was the most popular, it'd be the Gucci belt. No matter what your style or tastes are, there's a GG belt for you. From pared-back black to the embellished, bejewelled versions, this is one piece that's popular among celebrities and influencers alike. 


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The Horsebit Loafers aren't new to Michele's reign at the house, as they were originally created in the early 1950s, but of course, the designer put his own spin on the classic shoes, adding sparkly, heeled and faux fur–lined versions. However, if you still wanted the original design, that's available, too. 


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There wasn't a fashion editor around who didn't own this bag when it was first launched in 2014. And now, it's a Vestiaire Collective favourite to hunt down. 


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Perhaps one of the oldest pieces in this list, the Gucci silk scarf design has been reimagined plenty of times. 


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Cast your mind back to 2016 and you'll probably remember a lot of influencers wearing the Gucci T-shirt (or at least an iteration of it). Essentially, it was a T-shirt with the Gucci logo on the front—pretty simple, really. But it became the It Instagram item of the moment. While its popularity has definitely died down, I've still got a soft spot for it.


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Another classic item from Gucci's 1950s archive is the Horsebit bag. It comes in the classic Gucci print as well as stripes and zebra. 


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Another 2016 hit, the Marmont is a classic shoulder flap bag. It was also one of the most popular items from the fashion house in 2017. You can get the handbag in an array of different colours and sizes. From mini to large and cream to pastel hues, there's an option for every taste. 


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Perhaps one of the chicest bags the label stocks, the Dionysus is from one of Michele's first-ever collections. It blends the "grandma meets cool girl" aesthetic perfectly. 

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Elinor Block