3 Ways to Wear Concert Merch in Real Life

Maybe it's due to Vetements, or maybe my bordering-on-embarrassing Kanye obsession (I know, I'm sorry) is to blame, but this year. one of my biggest shopping categories has been concert merch. My personal style has always skewed California-casual, so when it suddenly became current to rock a T-shirt, well, basically everywhere, I leaned in (and hard).

But the art of the concert-tee outfit is more nuanced than you might initially believe. Sure, it's easy to toss on a Life of Pablo tee with jeans and sneakers, but as a fashion editor, I feel obligated to mix things up a little more (at least every once in a while). So though my inclination is to stick with basics, I jumped at the opportunity to give my merch a style upgrade. 

As I mentioned before, some credit for the sudden rise of merch has to be given to the offbeat fashion brand Vetements, whose head designer, Demna Gvasalia, convinced the industry that sweatsuits and graphic tees are decidedly cool. But while Vetements boasts a steep price tag, artists have figured out that offering up eye-catching (and often limited-edition) runs of their own swag is a genius marketing tool. For the cost of one reasonably priced T-shirt, fans feel like they're in the club.

Included in that wide swath of superfans sit myself and many of my industry colleagues. New York Fashion Week, once packed with over-the-top street style, was this season full of Bieber tees and Supreme shirts (paired with Céline and Prada, of course)—oh, how times have changed. 

Read on for three ways to wear merch IRL!