Four Fresh Takes on the Canadian Tuxedo

Few sartorial stylings are more difficult to execute than the Canadian tuxedo. The denim-on-denim look has endured a tumultuous history that has seen both flawless iterations as well as numerous undertakings we hope never to see repeated. 

To double up on denim is to take a risk where a lot can go wrong. While the Canadian tux never truly fades away, it has made a resurgence as of late with the fashion crowd debuting fresh takes on the timeworn trend. Far from evoking turn of the century sensibilities à la JT and Britney, our favorite style stars are rewriting the denim dress code in ways that bring new potential to the precarious ensemble. From suiting up in a tailored, more professional take on the casual costume to giving head-to-toe denim a downtown makeover, fashion girls are paying homage to the Canadian tuxedo with unrivaled double-denim dexterity. 

Keep scrolling to see four fresh takes that will have you reaching for your jean jacket.