Argan Oil Can Bring Dull Hair Back to Life (Plus Prevent Damage and Split Ends)



If you want strong, healthy, damage-free hair, there's no doubt that you've heard of argan oil. Derived from the argan tree, this oil is thought to be liquid gold for hair health. Many stylists tout argan oil as their secret weapon, and some celebrities who have great hair count it as one of their favorite ingredients. (Think Jennifer Aniston, Olivia Rodrigo, and more.) 

Argan oil has become a bit of a buzzword for hydrating hair products, so I talked to Moroccanoil hairstylist ambassador Tatiana Dudley to get the lowdown on everything you need to know about argan oil for hair. 

What exactly is argan oil?

"Argan oil is an age-old beauty secret that is harvested from argan trees grown in the semi-desert areas of the Mediterranean," says Dudley. "The oil has many uses, including skincare, but is especially known for its ability to hydrate and soften hair." 

How does argan oil benefit hair?

Argan oil is so good for your skin and hair thanks to how rich it is in essential nutrients that are vital to hair health. "With its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, argan oil offers a natural boost to the hair's elasticity and consistently restores shine to strands," says Dudley. "In addition, it assists in protecting the strands from oxidative damage and breakage that can occur during heat styling and the coloring process." Argan oil can even help prevent split ends. 

What's the best way to use argan oil?

Dudley says argan oil is a great finishing step if you want to add shine to hair. The great thing about argan oil, however, is how versatile it is. You can use argan oil as a finisher, a styling product, a leave-in conditioner, and even a deep treatment. Keep reading for some of our favorite argan oil–centric products and why we love them. 

"Moroccanoil Treatment is the perfect multiuse hair oil, as it can be used as a conditioning, styling, and finishing tool all in one," says Dudley. "It is the product that pioneered oil-infused haircare and created the worldwide buzz on argan oil, after all."

Customer review: "I absolutely love the smell and texture this product gives off. this is absolutely an essential for when I'm getting out of the shower it always leaves my hair feeling more hydrated and soft. My hair is also waist length now and I can attribute my hair growth to this oil over the last 5+ years."

This hair and scalp oil boosts strength, shine, elasticity, and moisture retention. It's also formulated specifically with curls in mind—it helps keep curls the softest and healthiest they can possibly be. You can either apply a few drops all over the hair or use it as a targeted scalp treatment by applying to specific areas of your scalp and massaging in with your fingers. 

Customer review: "Love that it nearly has no smell to it. I have long dry wavy hair and this has really kept my hair healthy and I’ve been able to grow it out over the past year! This oil is great… you get so much in the bottle one pump goes a long way. I use it as a pre-shower treatment to hydrate my hair. Also use one pump to smooth frizz."

If you're looking for pure, organic argan oil, look no further than this one from Now Solutions. Use it on your skin or your hair for added moisture and strength. 

Customer review: "I use this in my hair at night as a hair mask. The nice thing is if a little gets on the pillow it's non-comedogenic so it won't make your face break out. Not that I've noticed any residue on my pillow. I also mix a smaller amount (four drops) into my morning hair product before I blow dry. Between these two routines my hair feels fantastic! I have fine hair, it's hard to find the right products that condition but don't it weight down, this is really working."

This argan oil is cold-pressed, meaning the oil is extracted without the use of additional heat or chemicals. This helps ensure that the oil has the highest concentration of fatty acids, vitamins, phenols, and carotenes possible. 

Customer review: "I use this on my hair and wow! it has made my hair so smooth and silky. I've been struggling with dryness for a while and wanted a product without all that extra crap companies usually add."

Josie Maran's pure argan oil is cold-pressed, ethically sourced from UNESCO-protected argan nuts and can be used all over your body and hair for supreme softness. 

Customer review: "I have a a very oily scalp and dry ends. After a shower with my hair still damp, I apply two to three drops to my hands, warm it up in them and smooth it on from ends to roots before I blow dry and my hair feels like silk, literally. It doesn't make my scalp greasy."

Made with damaged, dry, or coarse hair in mind, this oil penetrates the hair shaft to help smooth the cuticle and bring back shine to hair. 

Customer review: "A little goes a long way! I have hair midway down my back. It’s very think and hard to maintain. I tend to be a minimalist on products and this stuff works fantastic to lock in moisture before I blow dry. My hair feels so smooth and soft. "

This dry texture spray is a true multitasker. Not only does the styling product give your hair an effortlessly undone vibe, but it also infuses your hair with argan oil for tons of shine and nourishment. 

Customer review: "I have always loved the piece-y, textured, bed-head look, but it's so hard to find a texturizing product that isn't creamy or wax-based. This product gives exactly the look I'm going for without weighing my fine hair down or making it look greasy. It's basically a combination of dry shampoo and hairspray, so it adds texture and has some light hold. It's great for people who like a beachy or undone look. I love that it goes on dry, so it doesn't mess up the hairstyle you just worked so hard to achieve. There's no white powdery residue like I've experienced with some other texture sprays. I also love the scent."

Infused with argan oil, this edge gel holds hair in place while it strengthens hair and adds shine. 

Customer review: "A little goes a long way. Blends smoothly and keeps those edges down!"

Made to keep frizz at bay, this lightweight treatment blends argan, rose-hip, and coconut oils to protect and condition hair while managing frizz and flyaways. 

Customer review: "I recently did some galaxy hair on a client friend of mine - it was a color correction on some already damaged hair. Before blowout, I put  one pump of the new oil and dried. Heaven! You would never have guessed that her hair had just gone through a color correction (hours!) with bleach and then color because of using these products after. The science of the plants used in these products helps the cuticle be a happy cuticle—which keeps strength, moisture and color intact."

This multiuse oil adds shine, controls frizz, moisturizes, detangles, and provides heat protection. 

Customer review: "I have thin, dry, damaged hair and this has made my hair shiny, manageable, and it even seems to be getting thicker! It doesn't leave it oily or with the static flyaways that others have and it feels amazing."